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   Chapter 298 How Deeply You Love Him!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6276

Updated: 2020-03-18 00:32

Hearing her words, Charlie was stunned for a moment. A trace of bitterness flashed through his heart. Would he still have time to enjoy such love?

Charlie turned around with his back to Crystal. He knew he couldn't stop Crystal.

Then he went upstairs. He didn't want to see what would happen next.

At the same time, Mia was looking at Crystal arrogantly. She was looking forward to see the expression when Crystal knelt down. It must be wonderful!

Without a trace of hesitation, Crystal stood at a place covered with nails. Suddenly, she knelt down on those nails! As a result, the sharp nails were stabbed into her knees and it bled. Crystal bit his lips in agony! so painful! The next moment, she felt a burst of pain. Crystal gritted her teeth and swore in her mind, 'damn it! You bitch! There is salt on the nails! Son of a bitch! When I get the sample of poison, I'll kill you!'!

At this moment, Crystal took a deep breath. Her face was full of sweat, and it kept dripping from her face, which even made her suffer bigger agony when it dript on her wounds.

Mia was indeed delighted to see that Crystal was suffering!

Then Mia walked slowly on her high heels to Crystal. She looked down at her and sneered, "Crystal, we have been fighting for five or six years. You are still my defeated opponent. How about this? Kneeling down in front of your enemy must feel very aggrieved! ha-ha! Oh, I forgot to tell you. Do you remember how your sister died? At that time, she also knelt down in front of me and begged me to spare her life! I am not that cruel hearted. So, I am kind enough to give her two choices, one was to serve well the beggar! Once the beggars were satisfied, she could live. Another way was to ask all my subordinates to fuck her. If she survived, she could still be alive for a few days"

Crystal raised her head and glanced at Mia col

en chili noodles. He was really worried that Crystal would die here.

On the contrary, Crystal didn't even frown when she heard what Mia said. She took a cold glance at her watch. There were only seven hours left and she could move. There were seven hours left. The hard days of Mia was coming!

'it's still early. I really don't want to see her face, ' Crystal thought. Therefore, she closed her eyes.

Just as Mia said, Crystal had knelt in front of the door for a long time. Mia watched as Crystal got sweaty all over. She had been praying every minute that Crystal would die in this way. How nice! So that she wouldn't keep thinking about her.

At the same time, standing in front of the French window on the second floor, Charlie saw all this clearly. His heart was almost dying of pain, and he was trying hard to restrain it. This made him feel a bit sorry.

Although he couldn't love Crystal so deeply as Edgar, he had never loosened his desire of Crystal. Her hair had been wet in sweat, and her face was as pale as a piece of sheet. He could feel how painful it was from her appearance!

But he was shocked by Crystal. He didn't expect that she loved Edgar so deeply!

How could she hold on to her own willpower all the time.

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