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   Chapter 297 I Have No Choice!

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Charlie took a glance at Mia and he said coldly, "Mia, this is the Mu family. Don't be so mean!"

Charlie had planned to see how Mia could embarrass Crystal. But he didn't expect that she was so vicious that she wanted to destroy Crystal!

He couldn't help but mock at this vicious woman!

Turning her head to look at Charlie, Mia mocked, "too far? Don't forget that I'm your fiancee, Charlie. Do you want to help an outsider? "

"I don't care what happened between you and Crystal. But if you dare to mess around here, you'll be sorry," Charlie threatened

It was only his thought. If something bad happened to Crystal in the Mu family, he would be in great trouble. Crystal's subordinates were all smart and strong!

And Edgar. If he died, everyone would be happy.

However, if Edgar was still alive, he would definitely avenge for Crystal when he freed his hands. He knew very well what kind of person Edgar was. He would never swallow the anger without groaning. Crystal was his flesh and blood. How could he let it happen!

After thinking for a while, Charlie decided that he had to stop Mia from doing that.

However, Mia didn't think so. She said sarcastically, "what? Are you afraid? Or do you feel sorry for her"

Charlie said coldly, "Enough, Mia. Don't be silly. You know I'm a man of my word. I don't want our marriage to be ruined!"

Mia cursed inwardly, 'damn it! I am the one who suggested the marriage between me and the Mu group. Despite that Colin is the one who has taken bribes, taken bribes and been put into jail, he was a member of United Union after all. Because of this incident, United Union got some losses.'.

So the marriage with the Mu family was the best way for them to find a partner, and at the same time to raise the shares of the company.

Mia narrowed her eyes and sneered, "are you threatening me? Dear, in your opinion,

ds outside, Charlie stopped he with a frown and scolded, "Crystal, are you out of your mind? Look at the nails! Do you really want to break your legs? "

Crystal knew that if she knelt on the floor covered with nails for seven or eight hours, her legs wouldn't get wounded seriously. But she had no choice.

Without any hesitation, Crystal pushed away Charlie and said coldly, "I have no choice."

Charlie was so angry that he blamed himself. He dragged Crystal and said, "no! You have other choices! You don't have to save him. You can just leave him alone! "

With a wry smile, Crystal asked, "do you think I can do that?"

"But, do you know that even if you get the sample of the poison, you are not 100% sure to save him? Do you know that it is possible that not only Edgar was not saved, but also you would lose your legs. Crystal, is it worth it?"

Charlie couldn't reconcile himself to this. Why could Crystal be so nice to Edgar? She even went so far as to disregard her own life!

Without giving a direct answer to his feelings, Crystal got rid of Charlie's grip and said coldly, "Edward, when you meet your true love, you will understand that when your feelings exceed the limit, you can even surpass yourself. Any effort is worthwhile."

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