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   Chapter 296 Let's Make A Bet!

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Mia raised her chin and cast a sidelong glance at Crystal. "Follow me," she said coldly

After that, Mia stood up, walked past Crystal in her high heels haughtily and even hit her with her shoulder.

"humph! Go with me if you have the guts! "

Crystal didn't care about Mia's arrogance at all. She knew that Mia would not let her go so easily, but the only way was to wait.

Thus, Crystal followed her without hesitation.

However, Charlie didn't change his pose. He said coldly, "Crystal, you don't have to! She will be cruel to you! "

Without turning her head, Crystal replied coldly, " I am willing to do so for Edgar. "

Hearing this, Charlie was stunned. ha-ha! At the moment, he envied Edgar so much. At least, Crystal was willing to love Edgar without regret.

Yes, when Charlie was a child, he was raised in the Luo family. And he did enjoy the long lost kinship.

After all, he was an outsider. How could he compare with Edgar! That was why he had always been obedient to Edgar.

However, as time went by, he realized that what he really wanted was not kinship or friendship. He wanted to be parallel to Edgar. Why had he always to be the assistant of Edgar? Why should Edgar always be domineering!

Even though the Luo group had declined and Mr. Scott had died, Edgar could still have a chance to make a comeback. However, Charlie was still just a sidekick, so he returned to the Mu's family and regained his identity. Now he was capable enough to fight against Edgar again. Unf

hod made him tremble with fear. He wanted to stop it, but when he saw Mia's vicious eyes, he had to shut up.

Hence, he did as Mia had ordered. The nails in the box were all sprinkled on the floor outside the door like dense ants, standing there one by one. The nails were as long as a finger, sharp and creepy.

After everything was ready, he quietly left.

Crystal stood behind Mia and saw everything.

Crystal had finally known what Mia wanted to do! Such a ferocious woman!

Then, Mia raised her chin and said to Crystal, "Crystal, it's time to see your sincerity. Now that you're begging me, if you kowtow ten times to me on those nails, and stand on it for ten hours, then you could win. Meanwhile, I will accept your sincerity. What do you think? "

Crystal sneered coldly, "you are really vicious, Mia!"

She cursed MIA in her mind, 'fuck! A bet? That's murder! Even if she manage to survive, she would be seriously injured! What an evil method!

Just then, Charlie walked downstairs

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