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   Chapter 295 You Are Clever!

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Crystal was carefully listening to every word they said.

But Crystal was not sure whether Charlie was on her side just now by saying those words. No! Crystal didn't think it necessary. It was because Charlie owned the Luo family, especially Scott and Mrs. Scott.

At this moment, Crystal heard Charlie saying, "Dr. Young? Well, Zara, do you really think that Dr. Young has developed the antidote for the poison that can be used to cure Edgar? "

This rhetorical question shocked Mia. She said, "what do you mean?"

Charlie took a smoke and continued, "three years ago, Edgar had an attack of poison. Dr. Young stayed in the lab for a day and a night. When he came out with an antidote that could control the poison of Edgar, I had secretly replaced it!"

Mia stood up abruptly. She asked in shock, "what did you say? Do you mean that Edgar didn't take any antidote? Ashley, are you kidding me! You know what kind of poison Edgar has, right? It's the Chronic Tox, the strongest poison in the world. It was Olivia who poisoned him, so it can't be wrong, but the period of the attack was half a year, half a year! How could Edgar live till now if he hadn't taken the antidote! No way! "

' Damn you! Mia! ' Crystal was furious when heard that.

If it were not for her saving Edgar, she would have walked in and killed them all!

But, she could not do this. She could only take a deep breath and concentrate on listening to them

"So, even I was also shocked. I never thought that he could live for such a long time! I didn't expect that Edgar is so strong, I should not underestimate him. "

It occurred to Mia that Edgar hadn't showed up in his company for a long time.

All of a sudden, Mia got excited and said, "Charlie, you m

aid, "Crystal, I'm smart, and I think I should say that to you. You're right, I do have my own sample of Chronic Tox, but why should I give it to you? We are just enemies. Do you think I will? "

Crystal was pretty sure that it wouldn't be that easy to get the sample. But anyway, she had to!

"What can I do for you? Just tell me, I will promise you whatever you want!"

Mia sat back in the sofa gracefully. She narrowed her eyes and said indifferently, "Well, actually I do have something I want. After all, we have been rivals for so many years. I can't just stand by and watch an old friend die, can I! But I don't like others to be superior to me? Of course you should show your sincerity! "

Crystal knew exactly that Mia wanted to trample on her pride.

How could she not know!

But now, self-esteem was nothing to him as long as he could save Edgar!

With a deep bow, Crystal said in a humble manner, "Miss Mia, please help me"

Crystal was more humble than when she was facing Charlie.

However, Mia laughed scornfully and said, "Crystal, I can't feel that!"

"What do you want?"

Mia thought to herself. Suddenly, an idea came to her

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