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   Chapter 294 It Was Them!

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At the same time, Crystal walked upstairs quietly and stopped at the top staircase. Leaning against a wall, she heard the quarrel between Charlie and Mia from the second floor.

Clenching her purse tightly, Mia looked at Charlie angrily and said, "Charlie, I'm your fiancee. How dare you hang around with that bitch, Crystal, and treats me like dirt? Don't you feel sorry for me?"

At the same time, Charlie was sitting there leisurely with two hands holding the knife and fork. He leisurely forked a piece of steak and put it in his mouth, and then put them down. With two fingers pinching the red wine, he took a slight sip, and then put it down, continuing.

Charlie's movements were very elegant, and each step was appropriate and not assuming too much. He was just like a pleasing handsome man in a picture.

However, Mia was not in the mood to appreciate it at the moment. She was anxious. It was obvious that it was Charlie who decided to treat her first, but Charlie didn't explain anything to her and ignored her. He didn't even look at her. Damn it! He was so hateful!

In her high heels, Mia walked to the seat opposite Charlie and sat down. 'why should I stand while he is sitting!

After sitting down, Mia raised her hand and knocked heavily on the table. She said angrily, "Charlie, don't play the fool. Have you heard what I'm talking to you? I don't care what you want to do. Don't forget that I'm a daughter-in-law decided by Mr. Martin himself. Do you forget it?"

Mia was aware that Charlie was afraid of his father.

Sure enough, this words worked.

His hand paused. Charlie put down his knife and fork, lazily leaned back in his chair and said lazily, "Mia, you're here!"

If Mia could pretend to be calm one second ago, then she was furious the next second!

Damn it! He didn't hear

all. Since Charlie knew that he would die soon, he had become quiet and behaved mysteriously. Mia had got used to it.

After Charlie calmed down, he stood up elegantly and threw the blood stained handkerchief into the trash can.

Then he came to the sofa, sat down, leaned on the sofa lazily, and crossed her legs on the tea table. He took out a cigarette from his pocket, put it in his mouth, and lit it. As the smoke rose higher and higher, it circled in the air. Then she saw he said indifferently, "Mia, do you know why Edgar was poisoned three years ago but he has been well for so many years?"

Charlie's words made Mia stun.

Although Mia didn't know why Charlie wanted to mention what had happened three years ago, since it had been mentioned by him, there was no need for her to hide anything. After all, now she was on the same boat with him, and there was nothing she couldn't say!

Hence, Mia walked to the sofa opposite to Charlie and sat down gracefully. She said, "why? Of course it was Dr. Young's master piece! "

However, their conversation made Crystal in the corner surprised. She clenched her fists with nails inserted into her hands.

Three years ago? Edgar was poisoned? Is it...?

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