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   Chapter 293 I Will Go Upstairs To Stop Them!

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Just then, Crystal saw that Mia, who wore a sexy lace dress, was stopped by the butler.

The butler bowed respectfully and said to Mia, "Miss Mia, Mr. Charlie has gone to bed. Please come here another day!"

Mia raised her chin and said in a haughty and disdainful tone, "well, I come here to see my fiance by myself. Do I need to ask for the permission of you?"

With an embarrassed look, the butler said, "no, no, No. I didn't mean that. I just"

A sharp light flashed across her eyes. Mia snorted, "just what? Are you going to tell me that Charlie has deliberately asked you to stop me here? "

The butler shook his head and replied, "No."

She then added, "but what? Is it because he is with his mistress now? "

When Crystal saw Mia come in, a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. 'how can I forget that there is another person? Although I'm not sure whether they love each other or not, ' she thought.

However, she knew what kind of person Mia was, Hence, Crystal put aside her feelings, flipped her hair and walked down slowly. She raised her voice and said, "who is it? So noisy!"

As Mia was talking with the butler, she didn't notice that there was someone else in the parlor.

Mia asked in shock, "Why are you here?"

With a charming smile on her face, Crystal said, "you know the answer, don't you? In the middle of the night, a man and a woman alone could do nothing? Do you believe that I just chat with your fiance in bed? "

Mia shouted angrily, "Crystal, you... You're shameless!"

Crystal spread out her hands and said, "shameless? How can I be shameless? It's just that Charlie and I didn't get married yet, so we slept together. I wonder if Miss Mia is satisfied with this answer. "

'now that I can't get any information

listen at all. Therefore, the butler did not respond to Crystal. Instead, he only politely nodded to her.

Actually, Crystal wanted to irritate Mia with her words, but the butler didn't say anything.

Well, it's okay. She had talked enough. She didn't believe a narrow-minded person like Mia would not quarrel with Charlie later.

As long as they squabbled, Crystal still had a better chance to know the truth.

Hence, just after Crystal finished her words, Mia glared at him angrily, signaling her a threat later!

Then, Mia went upstairs on her high-heel.

The corners of Crystal's mouth lifted into a sneer. She walked back into the parlor again.

Ignoring the butler who was in confused, Crystal said flatly, "Oh, I left my underwear there. I'm going back to get it!"

When the butler wanted to stop her, she said coldly, "don't worry. I'll go upstairs to stop them! By the way, tell Mr. Charlie that you tried your best to stop Miss Mia, but that she insisted to go upstairs to make trouble. It has nothing to do with you! "

In an instant, the butler left in silence. As long as he didn't get scolded, he didn't care about how many mistresses Charlie got.

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