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   Chapter 292 Thank You For Not Hitting Me When I'm Down!

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Later, Crystal took out her phone from her pocket, clicked the start button and casually said, "women are very jealous. I think, if I ask your fiancee to come here, do you think that I should help you to explain or be an onlooker and let you two have a quarrel? "

Clearly, Crystal was threatening Charlie.

Mia was a narrow-minded woman. She would never allow others to covet her, especially men. If her boyfriend ate candlelight dinner with Crystal, Mia would make a scene. And Charlie would certainly get in trouble. If he didn't want to end up in such a situation, he would definitely cooperate with Crystal!

However, Crystal had underestimated how important Mia was in Charlie's heart.

Casually leaning against the chair, Charlie smiled and said, "Crystal, I didn't expect you to be so cute. Do you really think I am that important in Mia's eyes? There is nothing more than mutual use between us. How can we really love each other! "

Since Mia couldn't threaten him, Crystal just told him the truth, "How can you tell me what happened three years ago?"

Charlie didn't try to beat around the bush. He knew that patience couldn't last too long. So he looked Crystal up and down and finally said flatly, "it's simple. Be my woman and I'll tell you everything you want to know! !"

With a mischievous smile, Crystal said, "Mr. Charlie, you have a good appetite"

"Crystal, don't you think I will treat you better than Edgar? What does Edgar have? He just ran some companies, and I have the power as great as him. I believe that you can also see that the relationship between Edgar and the Cao family is incompatible as fire and water. Now he is even unable to protect himself, how can he protect you!

Crystal stood up and sneered, "what if I say no?"

Charlie shrugged. He said, "then we have nothing to talk about! Go ahead. I won't walk you out! "

Clenching her fists, Crystal said coldly, "do you have to do this? Even if

se not to save Edgar. She clearly knew what kind of person Edgar was. How could he bear that his woman had slept with other men! No.

Crystal thought, 'I can't do this. I can't let my love have any flaws.'.

Looking at the back of the woman who was abnormally determined to go downstairs, a hint of bitterness flashed through the corners of Charlie's eyes. She loved him so deeply! She would rather die with him than go against their love.

He clenched his fists out of anger and jealousy.

Yes, he was jealous of Edgar. Why could Edgar get Crystal? Why could they be together till death? For what?

Now Charlie had a distorted mind. He didn't think that there was true love in the world. People only took advantage of each other, how could there be true love between human beings!

And Crystal's actions at the moment made Charlie suddenly feel both funny and hateful.

Was their relationship so deep? What made him resentful was that the person who had Crystal was Edgar, not him.

At the same time, Crystal was full of fear as she went downstairs. She was afraid that she would lose him completely this time. She didn't know who she should go to find now?

Just then, she heard someone say outside the door, "Miss Mia, young master is asleep. You can come here another day."

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