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   Chapter 291 Tell Me The Truth!

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With a smile, Crystal replied politely, "all right. If you insist."

Without any hesitation, Crystal followed Charlie into the house.

As soon as they entered, Crystal squinted and looked around, The fancy door and the arch were built with round windows and marble. The golden walls combined with the light red tiles.

Windows in the parlor and bedroom were design into hexagon. The dining room connected the two portions of the house, from south to north.

Her eyes sparkled with excitement as Crystal saw the decoration. It was said that one's temperament and habits could be judged from his living environment, It reminded Crystal of the first time she attended a party together with Edgar in the Mu's family. It was not so luxurious at that time.

However, when they went back to the Mu family's residence this time, it made Crystal feel as if they had moved into a royal palace, which was both high-end and luxury. At the same time, the butler said to Charlie respectfully, "Mr. Charlie, I have arranged everything you asked me to do!"

Charlie waved his hand and said, "Okay, you may leave now!"

Then the butler waved his hand at the servants, who were cleaning the room. Soon after, only Crystal and Charlie still stayed in the parlor.

Crystal observe his every move carefully. She knew that there was no way back.

At this moment, Charlie turned around and smiled at Crystal. He asked, " Are you scared?"

Crystal lifted her head and said calmly with a sneer, "what am I afraid of? You are not a tiger who can eat me, are you?"

She said in a cold tone, without noticing the lust in his eyes.

It didn't mean that she didn't notice it. The worst result was that she might choose perish with Charlie together. But she didn't think there was such an enmity between herself a

arlie pretended to be sad and said, "he didn't die. What a pity!"

Crystal really wanted to slap him to death, but she held it back. She told herself secretly that Charlie did it on purpose. She couldn't fall into his trap or ruin her plan.

Then, Crystal continued to stare at Charlie cutting the steak elegantly. At this time, he discovered that there was only one steak in front of her, and that there were no knives or forks.

Crystal squinting her eyes, she sneered, "Mr. Charlie, you're really funny. I'm a guest. Are you kidding me?"

Charlie then pushed the steak he had just cut to Crystal, forked a piece of steak and put it in front of her mouth. He said, "come on, try it. Does it taste good? "

'son of a bitch! So disgusted!

With a cold look at him, she continued, "tell me the truth!"

Crystal didn't want to waste time on this topic. So she decided to be frank with him!

With a smile, Charlie withdrew his hand and said coldly, "what a bummer! Crystal, can't you have a meal with me peacefully? "

She flipped her hair and put on a charming smile, "Okay, as long as you tell me, we can have a wonderful dinner! But I'm afraid that your fiancee will be jealous of us. "

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