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   Chapter 289 A Dead Man!

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Leo Glancing at Crystal, Crystal nodded and motioned for Leo to release him.

Therefore, Leo let go of Shawn, patted his clothes gently and said indifferently, "if you did it more earlier, I didn't need to scratch you just now."

Shawn was speechless. He thought, 'bandits! Scratch? what the hell! You're lying! You'll be struck by lightning!'

No matter how reluctant he was, he still behaved himself. He said, "'Mr. Edgar has been poisoned with Acacia acid, a top-level chronic poison. It will gradually cause the poison to lose consciousness and even memory. What's more, it will cause the target to paralyze, burn all the organs and die of festering, and its development period will only be half a year. Mr. Edgar has been poisoned for three years. He was supposed to die half a year after he took the poison. But he had lived for such a long time, and he didn't die as I said, which made me very shocked and excited"

Crystal sank as she could no longer hear what Shawn was talking about. She kept thinking, 'three years ago, Edgar got poisoned? Why did he keep a distance from her three years ago?' Those deep memories kept spinning in Crystal's mind, and reminded her of the scenes between them. It turned out that he wanted her to live alone!

Crystal smiled bitterly and tears rushed out of her eyes. Standing still, she walked up to Edgar mechanically and slapped him across the face. "Edgar, you fucking bastard!" she yelled

Crystal slapped him so hard that his fair face turned red in an instant. But Edgar still closed his eyes without any reaction.

Feeling the abnormality of Crystal, Leo wanted to walk forward and hold her in his arms, but when he saw a drop of water seeping from the sheet, he was stunned and took two steps back. Crystal was... crying!

Leo has never seen Crystal cry since he knew her. Who was Crystal? She was an American Gangster, the leader of Dragon Tiger Gang. Crystal was

o antidote? Then you can go to hell! "

Then, Crystal cut his neck. The wound was very shallow, and suddenly, a burst of pain came from the neck. The smell of blood made Shawn tremble all over. He said in a trembling voice, "Stop. Although there's no antidote, there are still some other solutions, but..."

Crystal frowned, "don't bullshit, just what?"

Shawn was reluctant, "But I can't make sure whether this method works or not. I need to find the person who poisoned Edgar and get the sample from her. I need to know the contents of the Angus acid, and as long as I know several of its elements, just give me a few days, I will prepare the corresponding poison to help him with the method of poisoning. But I only have 30% chance of antidote in this way. It's up to you! "

Hearing this, Crystal released the grip of Shawn. Only thirty percent? That meant he still had a chance! As long as there was a chance, Crystal would not give up.

"The man who poisoned him?" Leo asked, confused, "But when did our boss get poisoned? We don't even know. How could we find the murderer? And was it really a good method to combat poison with poison? What if it doesn't work? "

Shawn replied seriously, "If it doesn't work, he will die!"

All of a sudden, everyone fell into silence.

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