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   Chapter 286 Why!

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Before Crystal could finish her words, Edgar started the car with a whoosh and said, "well! I will fulfill your wish"

Crystal was speechless.

Crystal suddenly found that Edgar was really shameless! She had no idea how to deal with him.

Crystal suddenly realized that today was her menstrual day

She was quite sure about her menstruation.

At the thought of this, Crystal sneered. She said, "okay. Where do you prefer? Your place or mine?"

Edgar cast a cold glance at her.

Seeing that Edgar was a bit confused, Crystal sneered, "what's wrong? Are you impotent, Edgar? "

Hearing that, Edgar's face turned dark in an instant. Gritting, he said, "Hmm, then I'll show you whether I am impotent or not!"

With an enchanting smile on her face, Crystal said, "okay! Later I'll know. "

But actually, Crystal was planning to play a trick on him.

While bickering with Edgar, they came to his house.

After getting out of the car, she gave Edgar a cold look. She still remembered that they were neighbors here

Hearing that, Edgar turned his head back. With a frown, he saw that Crystal was lost in thought. Then he came to her and carried her on his shoulder.

When she collected herself, she beat him for several times and cursed, "Edgar, could you fucking hold me in your arm gently..."

She couldn't understand why he suddenly carried her on his shoulder! She was exhausted!

Edgar patted her butt lightly again and sneered, "I can't wait anymore. I wanna bang you now."

Then, he went upstairs with Crystal on his shoulder, and without saying a word, he took out the key, opened the door and entered.

The decoration in the room was very simple and clean.

Edgar kicked the door closed, carried her to the bedroom, and threw her on the bed.

Crystal coope

ilary. Think about it. How long can you keep the secret? In the end, they will know he is your son. You will all die because of it. Think about it. "

Then he hung up.

With the cellphone in his hand, Edgar was still in the same pose as before. He was lost in thought

Why was it so hard for him to love her? Why was it so hard for him to be with her for the rest of his life? Why did he fall in love with her! Why? why....

Anger and hatred surged in his heart, spreading all over his body. He threw his mobile phone aside, clenched his fists and hit the wall. Why was the God playing tricks on them!

Edgar had a splitting headache!


Roared Edgar! He grabbed the thing beside him and trampled it into pieces. At the moment, his mind had gradually lost, and the only thought in his mind was to kill! Kill!

Kill all the people who stood in his way!

Edgar rubbed his aching head and came to the living room. His eyes were red and cold, like the king of the hell. His mind was in a mess. His memory tangled altogether, as if there were a heated battle in his brain.

Edgar had already crushed the table. He smashed the TV with a punch.

He waddled towards the bathroom

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