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   Chapter 285 I Am Not Interested In You!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6131

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On the way, Edgar kept silent.

Crystal pressed the button of the car window and the glass slowly fell down. She stretched out one hand and the wind flew through her fingers. It felt comfortable as if she could hold it.

When she enjoyed such chilly wind, she felt very comfortable. With a chill in her hands and across her shoulders, she felt that her brain was cool. At this moment, her eyes suddenly went dark, and a huge black thing covered over her head. When she took it down, she gritted her teeth and looked at Edgar who was driving. She said, "what the hell are you doing? Why did you give me the clothes? "

That was right. The thing on her head was Edgar's coat.

Without turning his head, Edgar ordered, "put it on"

Crystal curled her lips and refused, "I don't want to wear it. I think my dress is very good. There is nothing wrong with it!"

Edgar said coldly, "Fine! You don't want to wear it, do you? "

Crystal was speechless.

Edgar sped up as fast as he could. It was too quick to see clearly what was happening outside. Crystal was worried.

Her dress fluttered with the wind. Most importantly, with the window open and the car ran fast. Her clothes were blown to pieces, but now they were all messed up by the wind. As a result, she put on the coat of Edgar decisively.

Seeing that Crystal put on the coat obediently, the anger in Edgar's heart almost disappeared. How could his woman be seen by others!

Because of this, Crystal almost forgot what had happened. "Where are you taking me to, Edgar?" she asked

"To the hotel!"

Crystal was speechless, "Shit! You are serious!"

It reminded Crystal of the last time. She wanted to die at that time.

She gritted her teeth and said, "no! I'm not interested in you! Let me go! "

Turning around, Edgar said indifferently, "but I'

er side, keeping a certain distance from Edgar. She wondered what this sultry man was thinking about.

Suddenly, Edgar came to Crystal and kissed her. "What does he want to do?" she cursed in her heart?

Just when Crystal was thinking about how to knock him out, suddenly, Edgar released her. He raised his chin with one hand and smiled, "are you jealous?"

Crystal was at a loss for words.

Crystal let go of his hands and rolled her eyes.

All of a sudden, Edgar was in a better mood. He thought he was nobody. Therefore, he played with a bunch of women. However, the result was unexpected. This woman was heartless. She even wanted to give him women.

But from Crystal's words just now, he felt much better. He smelled jealousy in her tone. He knew that she cared about him.

With a playful smile, Edgar touched Crystal's cheek and blew a whistle. "You are too shy to admit it. You still have me in your heart. Why are you pretending?"

When Crystal saw the big smile on Edgar's face, she was irritated, 'What about the humiliation she got that night!'

So Crystal moved her head against the window and smoothed back her hair. "Yes, I always thought of having you, and then... breaking up with you!"

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