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   Chapter 283 A Beautiful Scene

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With a sneer, Crystal went downstairs on her high heels.

She came to Room 201. She heard a lustful voice from the room, Hearing this, Crystal turned around and wanted to leave. However, she turned around again and took a deep breath, flipped her hair and directly walked in.

As soon as she entered, she saw the clothes all over the floor. All of them looked familiar. Gritting, she lowered her head and swore, "Damn it! Aren't these the clothes in the boxes? I want to break up with me? Okay! There are lots of men who begged for my love! '

Fine! Her jealousy burnt till it reached the peak!

When Crystal got closer, she saw Edgar still dressed well. Didn't he start yet? Or was it over?

Edgar casually leaned back on the sofa with his legs crossed on the coffee table. He sipped his cocktail. Beside him were two beautiful women who were feeding fruits for him.

Crystal walked towards him step by step. Without even taking a look at her, Edgar continued what he was doing.

Crystal sat on the sofa in front of Edgar in a graceful manner. She flipped her hair and gave him an enchanting smile. "Oh, 'Mr. Edgar. What brings you here? The girls?"

Finally, Edgar raised his head and put down the cocktail casually. All of a sudden, he pulled the beautiful girl on the left into his arms. Then he looked at Crystal and said coldly, "Miss Crystal, didn't you see it? I like the beauties here very much. "

Edgar clenched his fists in anger. Well! Well! He sneered, "Crystal, you are so generous!"


... nothing?"

"Why are you still standing there?" Edgar asked coldly, frowning

So, Leo nodded at once, took out a dagger from his pocket, and walked towards the woman.

The woman, who had just been thrown on the ground, was as pale as death. Looking at the dagger in the hand of Leo with a frightened face, she said trembling, "no... don't kill me..."

Casting a cold glance at her, Edgar smiled cruelly, "Crystal is my love. How could you say that?"

Then, he strode past the two women. Edgar went to the restroom and changed into a clean white casual outfit.

Just then, a scream came from outside. Needless to say that was the voice of that woman, it seemed that Edgar didn't hear it. There was no expression on his face.

After a while, Edgar came out of the restroom. Seeing that the room had been cleaned up, he said to Leo coldly, "let's go. It's time to go back!"

Hearing Edgar's words, Leo was very excited as if he had won a lottery. Finally, he didn't have to deal with his annoying order.

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