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   Chapter 280 She Was Bold!

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With these thoughts in her mind, Crystal turned her head back and gave him a charming smile. "Cousin, please think it over. I didn't force you!"

Alex gritted teeth and thought, ' Didn't you force me? I'm almost driven to death!'

Alex took a deep breath. He felt that he would die young if he continued to talk with Crystal!

He looked directly at Crystal and said, "you can go to see him, Crystal, but you must promise me that you can't make any trouble inside. Show me your weapons, then you can go in!"

Crystal sneered at him coldly, "are you afraid that I will kill people inside?"

Alex said, "you won't kill anyone. But I'm not sure whether you would do something to Spencer!"

Crystal gritted her teeth. How could this frivolous man think of that?

Right, Crystal planned to do something on Spencer. Just now, she received the news that there is solid evidence to support that Spencer killed the person, and he barely had a chance to reverse the case.

So, Crystal decided that if there was no choice, she would let Spencer cooperate with her to pretend to be dead, then secretly steal him out and change his face to save his life.

But now, Alex had figured it out. She was sure Alex didn't knew her so well. Who else could know her so well except that horny man, Edgar.

Crystal waved her hands and said to Celine, "Celine, give the thing you brought to him."

Celine was confused. But she reacted soon. She threw the things in her hands to Alex in a hurry.

Alex frowned and opened the bag, seeing the baby milk powder in it! A baby diaper, and some baby photos! And what's more, they had a pile of baby clothes!

Alex was startled, 'what the fuck is it?'

Crystal threw up her hands and said, "all our things have been given to you. Can you take us in now?"

Alex saw a row of crows flying over his head.

What kind of weapon was that? And what about the flying knife! Where

it! Why would I be afraid? Forget it. Don't forget that I've thrown you on the bed, right? "

He was speechless, ""

Why did he feel that Celine was always talking without thinking? How foolish she was! She was such a ferocious woman! No! She was a tough woman!

Crystal glanced at Celine and Spencer. Suddenly, she felt that she was redundant today! It felt so bad to be the third wheel!

So Crystal cleared her throat and said to Celine, "Celine, go and buy me some water. I'm thirsty!"

Celine stood up quickly, "okay

Then she turned around and left.

Spencer curled his lips as he caught a glimpse of Celine's leaving figure. 'she is really a tough woman. She always wears dull clothes!

Crystal leaned back and joked, "that's enough. She's gone. Don't look at her anymore!"

Embarrassed, Spencer responded, "what are you talking about? I..."

With a charming smile on her face, Crystal joked, "you are really bold! How dare you sleep with my friend without making a sound?"

Faced with Crystal, Spencer tried to explain, but failed!

Being aware of his embarrassment, Crystal tried to divert the subject, "when are you going to come out?"

Raising his eyebrows, Spencer asked, "it's very good here and comfortable to live. Why do I want to go out?"

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