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   Chapter 279 Meeting An Old Friend!

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Crystal took Celine to the police station. When they arrived at the gate, they saw Alex walking out of the police station, wearing a uniform and carrying a briefcase in his hand.

Alex looked up and saw Crystal coming towards him. Without a word, he turned around and went back. 'Fuck! I forgot to check the calendar today!

He prayed in his heart that Crystal didn't see him!

However, the reality was cruel. The wish was always good.

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Crystal said very politely, "Cousin Alex! What have you done? Why do you run away as soon as you see me? "

Alex stopped, forced himself to turn around, and smiled awkwardly, "Miss Crystal, what a coincidence to meet you here."

Then she led Celine to Alex, and while lifting her hair, she put on an enchanting smile and said, "right! What a coincidence! Cousin, you're free recently, aren't you?"

Alex smiled politely. "Not bad!"

Alex smiled, but he was suffering from the bottom of his heart. Crystal's arrival today was not a simple greeting.

Taking a glance at the girl who was standing beside Crystal, Alex intentionally shifted the topic of conversation. "This lady is...?"

Celine smiled politely and said, "Hello, I'm Celine!"


Crystal stood in front of Celine and coldly said to Alex, "cousin, this is my good sister. She doesn't suit your appetite!"

Alex was speechless.

Alex really wanted to jump up and spit out a mouthful of blood. He thought, 'Crystal, which eye of yours has found that I have feelings for her?' Do I look like a person who go soft in the face of beautiful women?

Crystal gave him a cold look, "Cousin, don't tell me you don't like young beauties! Or where did you get your Mary, Lily, Ann and so on? Were they sent by your wife as gifts? "

Alex's eyes turned green at the moment. He bit his teeth and said, "Crystal, don't... don't talk nonsense. This is the police station! Police station! "

He stressed the words "police station". He had reminded C

cket to the wife of our chief, and let her see how attractive her husband is. Then she will know that her husband was still energetic, but he just doesn't want to have sex with her! Right? cousin?"

Then Crystal turned around and winked at Celine. With her eyes wide open, Celine said, "alright, sister, don't worry. I will finish the task perfectly!"

Crystal turned back, flipped her hair and glanced at Alex. "All right, I'm tired, too. Cousin, you have to keep your strength well, because you may suffer next. Bye!"

After these words, Crystal was about to leave, taking Celine's arm.

Alex almost burned himself there! This was an obvious threat! If his personal affairs were exposed, he would soon be deprived of his position as the director.

At that moment, he was so miserable inside. He had committed no crimes yet accepted bribes! He just liked to flirt with women. He didn't offend anyone!

In the beginning, it was Edgar who threatened him, but now it was Crystal! They are really a couple! Even the way they threatened people was the same!

But at this moment, Crystal was drawing circles in her heart.

Humph! She didn't believe that Alex would stay calm. She heard that as the head of the police station, he was very afraid of his wife at home!

As expected, just after two steps, Alex stopped her, "wait!"

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