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   Chapter 278 Leave Your Phone Here. You Go Away!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6636

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However, Leo didn't dare to speak again, fearing that he would hear some words with certain wisdom!

Because he had a bug with him, his boss heard their conversation clearly!

At the moment, Leo wanted to get out of here as soon as possible!

Seeing that Crystal was holding her phone, turned around and went back to her room. Without a word, Leo and his men slipped away.

Then she took her cellphone and opened the door. When she saw the three big suitcases on the ground, she frowned and wondered, 'what has that frivolous man sent?

Therefore, when she opened the first box, she felt embarrassed!

When she opened the second box, she gritted her teeth!

As soon as she opened the third box, she gave it a hard kick and scolded in the air, "damn you, Edgar, you're really something! that 's ok! It's fun to play tricks on me! Good! Do you really think you can put me under house arrest! No way"

The three big boxes were full of sexy pajamas, lace, silk, and lovely. She was a complete mistress!

Crystal took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then she lifted her head and saw a big bag filled with all kinds of tools. Shit! This man was so horny that he could be so abnormal!

She fumbled in it and found an anti-inflammatory ointment. She curled her lips and thought, 'Okay, you have a conscience!'!

She lay on the bed, bit her lip and applied some medicine on her wound. Then she sat up, leaned against the edge of the bed. She took out her phone and dialed a number.

After a while, the doorbell rang again. Hardy walked to the door and opened it. She saw Celine standing outside, carrying a lot of bags. Celine was very surprised. "What's wrong, sister? "

Crystal shrugged, "I was forced."

Celine rolled up her sleeves after shock, "Who the hell did this? I'll kill him!"

With a mile, Crystal said, "all right. Have you brought your clothes with you?"

"Yes, I've brought it here!"

"Come on in!"

Celine followed Crystal to the l

sat straight and shouted at Celine, "shut up! What do you mean? "

Celine stopped crying suddenly. She looked at Crystal meekly and said while sobbing, "he slept with me. Now that he was put in prison, who should be responsible for me?"

Crystal was shocked. "You? When did it happen? "

Celine wiped her tears with her sleeves and continued, "the day we were drinking in Sorrow, he was drunk and I was almost drunk too. So we..."

Crystal was at a loss for words.

Crystal couldn't believe what she just heard. They fast.

Crystal didn't think Celine and Spencer would be a couple. One was innocent and cute, while the other was psychologically strong.

However, Crystal gradually found that in fact, Spencer was a good man. He had been pretending before, but since they began to confess, she felt that he was not a bad person!

On the contrary, he insisted. So she did not stop them, but they slept directly, and this was too... too fast!

Crystal threw the cigarette butt out of the ca. Then she turned to Celine and asked, "do you want to see him?"

Celine nodded and said, "yes! I can't let him have sex with me without any responsibility! "

Then, Crystal rolled down the car window and said to her, "I'll take you to see him and tell him you are pregnant!"

Celine was speechless.

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