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   Chapter 277 Edgar, You Son Of A Bitch!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 4962

Updated: 2020-03-13 00:22

It had been a crazy night.It was not until Crystal was exhausted and she had passed out that Edgar stopped banging her.

In the morning, Crystal woke up, recalling Edgar's attitude and anger.

Since then, Crystal had known that he was really enraged.

She took a deep breath, bit her lips, and got out of bed. But she felt a bit painful as she took a step further from the bed.

Crystal cursed in her mind, 'Edgar, you son of a bitch!

When she saw a piece of paper on the nightstand, she bent down and picked it up. When she saw the words on it, she frowned. She rolled it up and threw it into the trash can. She scolded, "what a bastard! Just throw me away after you finished?

You want to break up? Fine! Break up! And fuck you!

She didn't know why she didn't feel sad even Edgar was so mad at her last night.

It wasn't because she didn't love Edgar anymore. She deeply realized that she also loved him so much that it led to her endless hatred towards him.

Edgar was furious because he loved her so much. If she could tell that from his move that he carefully cleaned up all the glass fragment when he noticed Crystal stood with her bare feet.

But now there was something emergent to deal with.

She pulled back her mind and slowly walked to the wardrobe. When she opened it, she was speechless to find that there were all shirts for man inside the wardrobe.

Then, Crystal supported herself against the wall and came to the bathroom.

But th

Edgar wanted to trample her self-esteem under his feet and force her to give in!

But who was she? She was not Ivy anymore, now she was Crystal! She didn't believe it! ' I don't give a shit to your offer! ' She thought to herself.

Crystal cursed Edgar a thousand times in her mind.

After a while, Crystal said coldly, "leave your phone here. Now get out!"

Leo was stunned and stammered with an awkward look on his face, "I... I don't think it's a good idea"

She glanced at him coldly and said, "well, do you want to have some affairs with me now?"

Hearing that, Leo was nearly scared to faint. Affairs? Stop it. He would be killed by Edgar!

Therefore, he took out his phone immediately and handed it to Crystals reluctantly.

Crystal took over the cellphone, and said, "don't worry, I'm not interested in the porn in your phone. I just want to borrow it to make a few calls! "

Leo blushed. That was awkward.

In fact, there was nothing obscene in his phone.

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