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   Chapter 274 I Will Take What You Have Just Said As Bullshit

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 5009

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Shit! Leo was furious. It seemed that they were tricked.

Therefore, Leo strode forward, dragged the woman and threw her into the car.

There was a driver who was holding his head with fear, and another man who had wet his pants. After taking a glance at them, Leo said to the others, "Why are you standing still? Get in the car!"

So they nodded immediately and got on the same car with Leo and went back.

At the same time, when Edgar rushed back, he saw an ambulance stop outside the hotel and a corpse taken out of the hotel. He frowned, ' Gerry? How could it be him? And there was an old lady who was shot on the thigh. It was his grandma.

Before he could figure out what was going on, he saw a woman in black evening dress lying on a stretcher. At the sight of her, he pushed his way through and rushed to her.

That woman was Crystal.

Edgar pushed the medical staff away. Then he lifted up Crystal from the stretcher and said, "Crystal... Crystal, wake up... Are you okay?"

"She just fainted. There is nothing serious!"

Spencer stood in front of Edgar and looked at him calmly.

He said lightly, "it's not easy to see the word 'panic' on your face!"

Raising his head, Edgar saw the handcuffs on his hands the policemen standing beside him. Then he thought of Gerry, whose body had just been taken away. He asked in shock, "did you kill him?"

"Of course not. Do you believe me? "

Edgar was standing close to Crystal. Hearing her subtle breath, he finally fe

e steadily, afraid of waking up Crystal.

On the other side, Spencer was taken to a police car where all the policemen were waiting for him respectfully.

Since the moment Spencer got on the car, he had been calm without any fear or tension in his eyes, which made the two policemen have a good impression on him. Therefore, they guessed that he killed Gerry for self-defense.

A moment later, they were going to take him to the interrogation room and have a thorough investigation. However, Spencer said directly, "Don't bother. Just take me to custody! You must be tired. Go back and have a rest! "

The two policemen were stunned. It made them seemed to be subordinates of him.

Taking a glance at the policeman who was in a daze, Spencer raised his eyebrows and asked, "What?"

The two policemen looked at each other awkwardly. One of them cleared his voice and said, " Since you have the courage to admit your fault, well, we will not interrogate you. I will take you to custody. "

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