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   Chapter 270 Then Are You Going To Run

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In an instant, she was bleeding. The pain almost made Grandma Helen faint. She bent her legs subconsciously and leaned forward, but she was suddenly pulled back by Gerry. All of a sudden, she had a feeling of dying. It was so painful!

Grandma Helen' had grown up in a greenhouse. She had never met such a terrible thing. If her finger was scratched by a knife, she would cry out for half a day. Moreover, her leg was shot. The pain almost made her faint.

Seeing Gerry's crazy action, Crystal felt a little nervous at the moment. Grandma Helen' was suffering from asthma. If she was frightened twice in a short time, she would probably not bleed to death but become seriously ill.

Although Crystal didn't like the old lady very much, she couldn't stand by. The reason was very simple: she was Edgar's grandmother.

No matter how much she hated Edgar, she was still his grandmother.

So, Crystal looked at Gerry and said, "OK, tell me what you want me to do. I promise you. Let go of her first."

Gerry didn't expect that Crystal would say yes so easily, and he hesitated. He was afraid that she would do something evil!

He asked again, "what did you say?"

"Tell me, how can you let go of this old lady, and what do you want?"

Crystal said in a cold tone. Even if she compromised, Crystal still had an irresistible momentum.

At the same time, it really surprised Grandma Helen that Crystal compromised for her. She was shocked and moved. In the upper class, they had already learned to be cold and heartless. Everyone around them had their own schemes. In their eyes, benefits were nothing more than interests.

But now, Crystal chose to save her. How could she not be touched! She was deeply shocked!

Even though Grandma Helen' didn't like Crystal, she didn't want to owe a person a life even if she had to. Crystal had nothing to do with her, but she was willing to do anything for her, inclu

y. Then raise your hands and walk towards me slowly..."

Crystal replied, "okay!"

With that, Crystal raised her hands and slowly moved forward. Walking to the center, Gerry said, "wait, take off your shoes!"

Gerry and Crystal had fought with each other for several times in America, and each thing of Crystal could be used as a weapon. In some cases, high heels were women's weapons, Crystal gritted her teeth, 'damn it! You've thought of that?" Yes. Crystal was going to poke him to death with her high heels when she was close to him. Obviously, she had to find another way now.

Thinking of this, Crystal stopped and threw her high heels away. Then she walked forward barefoot.

The temperature of the warehouse was very low, and the floor was very cold. While the goods were moved back and forth all year round, the floor had already been rubbed marks. Walking barefoot, Crystal felt a little uncomfortable. She took a deep breath. She was afraid of cold, and the temperature here made her feel like standing in the snow. She had a clear brain in an instant.

When she walked three centimeters away from Gerry, Gerry suddenly kicked away the old lady and grabbed Crystal violently. He put the gun against her head with one hand and held her from behind with the other.

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