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   Chapter 269 You Traitor!

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Updated: 2020-03-11 00:22

Crystal smiled coldly and said, "yes, I am surprised. Gerry, I didn't expect that you are a traitor! "

Right, the man who put the gun against Crystal was exactly Gerry.

A grim smile appeared on Gerry's face as he said, "I don't deserve the address as traitor. I just..."

The height of Gerry was about 1.8 meters, which was half a head higher than that of Crystal.

Gerry, though facing with Crystal at the moment, kept staring below her neck.

Crystal gritted ' Shit! A virgin? Fuck you! You are just a fucking satyr! '

Crystal sneered and said, "humph, Gerry, you don't have to do that. If you like me, you could just confess your love to me. Perhaps I can give you a chance.

Crystal knew that if she wanted to save herself, the only way was to distract his attention.

Gerry kept on staring at her

Just then, Crystal lowered her head all of a sudden and rolled to his left side.

Gerry was also specially trained, so he responded quickly. He knew that he had no chance to kill Crystal because of his distraction.

So he thought quickly. When he glanced at the old lady who was only a few centimeters away from him, he squinted.

He rushed to Grandma Helen, grabbed her, put his gun against her head, and then pulled her around.

At the moment, Crystal drew the dagger out, but she stopped.

Gerry sneered, "Crystal, put your dagger and gun down, or I'll kill her!"

Grandma Helen didn't expect that Gerry would take her as hostage. She was already frightened to death and even forgot to scream.

Crystal frowned. Damn it! How dared he take her as hostage!

Then, Crystal smiled and

e the moment he saw Crystal, he was totally infatuated with her.

He had just lost the perfect time to catch Crystal. Now that his identity as an traitor had been exposed, Edgar wouldn't let him go. He had no choice but to take the risk.

Therefore, he loaded the bullet and drew Grandma Helen in front of him. Gerry said coldly, "Crystal, since you don't appreciate my kindness, let this old lady live a peaceful life in the hell!"

After he finished speaking, Gerry sneered at Grandma Helen, " I'm sorry. I have no choice but to kill you. It is the woman in front of you, Crystal, who give up your life. "

Gerry glanced at Crystal quickly.

He felt a little awkward when he saw how indifferent Crystal was.

His target was Crystal. However, If he killed the old lady, not only he would die here, but his family would suffer as well. He was clear about the power of the Cao Clan.

Therefore, Gerry had to change his strategy. He raised the gun and shot at the knees of Grandma Helen.

In order to prevent Grandma Helen from making a sound, he had already gagged her.

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