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   Chapter 268 I Work For Her!

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Crystal held her breath. She had to shoot if the man standing outside tried to get in.

After a while, the warehouse was so quiet that even Grandma Helen's breath vanished. Crystal turned to look at her who was sitting in the corner of the wall. She covered her mouth tightly and tried not to make any sound. At this moment, Her hair was messy, and her white suit was already covered with dust. She looked ridiculous.

Crystal really despised her. Humph! No matter how noble you are. You still had to kneel under the threat of death.

At this time, they heard the footsteps again from outside the door. Then, the door was opened with a click.

Crystal gritted. Shit! She was still found!

At the moment the door was opened, Crystal grabbed the dress she just cut off under her feet, turned around quickly, and covered Grandma Helen with it.

This warehouse was narrow, reserved with goods, having little space to hide.

Then Crystal ran quickly to the back of the door and got ready.

When the man completely pushed the door open, Crystal suddenly raised her pistol and put it against his head.

"Tell me! Who sent you here? "

When the man heard her voice, he raised his hands and quickly said, "Miss Crystal, I am..., Gerry!"

Crystal was standing right behind the man when he entered the room, and nobody could see the his face clearly. However, when she heard the man's voice, Crystal felt a relief.

Crystal turned to the front of the man, and she saw his appearance clearly. He had regular features, and there was a black mole on the corner of his mouth. She ha

ted saving this old lady.

"Are you kidding me?" Crystal asked.

Grandma Helen was awkward, "I... I can't stand up! My legs are numb!"

Crystal took a deep breath and exhaled deeply. She thought it was a miracle that she could suppress the anger to kill Grandma Helen.

Despite her thought, she still bent over and tried to help Grandma Helen up. However, when she reached out her hands, Grandma Helen didn't respond. With a panic look on her face, she saw the man behind them raised his gun slowly.

"Hey, old lady, what's wrong with you? Hey! "

Grandma Helen was so scared that she didn't know what to say. She trembled with fear and pointed at Crystal, "he...""

Crystal frowned. What did the old lady want to say?

All of a sudden, Crystal felt there was something hard against the back of her head.

With her experience, Crystal knew that it was definitely a gun

The man sneered, " I work for her! "

The man raised his gun and pointed it at Crystal.

The man sneered, "surprised, huh?"

Surprised? Shit! It was totally planned.

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