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   Chapter 266 Shut Her Up!

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Spencer nodded seriously, "Okay, I'll do as you say! "

Edgar said, "Spencer, think twice before making the decision. You are going to fight against the Meng clan. You will be in trouble, I think you should know it. By the way, remember what you have done today has nothing to do with your personal feelings. It's just a cooperation with me to set your master's mind at rest. "

Spencer looked at Edgar in shock and said, "You..."

What Edgar meant was clear: Don't think about my woman. Even if you go all out for Crystal, that is just your wishful thinking. It has nothing to do with Edgar, or even Crystal. They won't appreciate this favor.

Edgar didn't want to stay here any longer. He turned around and was about to leave.

"Think it over. I won't force you"

Seeing that the crowd in the hall disappeared in an instant, only a few corpses and people who were suspicious were left, Edgar gave them a cold glance. "Do you want to die or live?"

The crowd looked at Edgar in horror, and they were still trembling.

Among them, Bella, who had just fainted, was looking at Edgar aggrievedly and whispered, "brother Edgar, it's me. I'm Bella. I'm so scared that my legs can't stand. Could you come over and help me?"

Her voice was very soft and coquettish, especially at the moment, her face had been wiped clean by herself. She was not wearing makeup, sitting on the ground with a very low cut in the collar, which was very attractive. Bella's lovable appearance made every man want to see her and rub her into his arms.

Hearing that, Edgar took a glance at his subordinate and said in a cold voice, "you idiot. Didn't you see a fly here?"

The man standing next to him couldn't understand what his boss meant. Suddenly, Leo, who just came back from outside, took a look at the man and said, "Why are stunning there? Hurry up and drag away the woman under y

tal and Cao family."

Leo nodded respectfully and replied, "yes, sir!"

However, he was worried. When he saw the coldness and cruelty in Edgar's eyes, he felt that there was something wrong with their boss. His eyes were very horrible, as if he was going to kill them all. In his impression, no matter how cruel their boss was, he would not kill people for no reason. Moreover, he would not kill people in front of everyone in the city.

Here is not America. Murder is illegal!

So, he hesitated for a while and turned back suddenly. He looked at Edgar and asked respectfully, "Mr. Edgar, did you... Did you... Say something wrong?"

By calling him "Mr. Luo", they meant to tell Edgar that they were not in the United States at the moment and that they could not do something. They were not in the Shadow Group and they were only legal citizens!

At the moment, Edgar couldn't think about anything else. All he could think about was Crystal. He had to find Crystal before his enemy. It had been such a long time, but he hadn't found any trace of it. How could he not be anxious.

Hearing what Leo had said, of course Edgar knew that. However, he didn't know what was going on. At the moment, he was so furious that he wanted to kill people.

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