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   Chapter 265 Assassination!

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When Crystal was absorbed in her thoughts, a shot suddenly came from the direction of the banquet hall, "bang!" And another. A man behind Grandma Helen was shot to death.

At once, the woman's head exploded, and the blood spit out a few centimeters, just in the face of Bella', followed by a scream, Bella' has fainted, and even Grandma Helen squatted down and trembled.

At the same time, Crystal was the quickest. Crystal took out the flying knife from her body as fast as she could and squatted down.

All of a sudden, a man ran into Crystal. He grabbed Crystal's pants and gave her something black! Before the man could say anything else, he stood up and whispered to Crystal, "Crystal, you can't expose your identity. Take care!"

The voice gave Crystal a chill! I was Jared.

When Crystal raised her head, she saw that Jared had already held up the trembling old lady from the ground.

With panic and fear written all over his face, Jared said, "Mrs. Cao... Are you okay?"

At this moment, Jared's face turned pale and his body trembled with fear.

Despite this, he still held on to the elder's arm, acting like a loyal servant who served the Cao clan.

And Crystal knew that it was just his disguise.

From the way Jared behaved just now, she could tell that he was not afraid at all.

With this in mind, Crystal opened the box in her hand quickly

Crystal's heart skipped a beat. It was a tiny pistol. One couldn't tell what it was without observing carefully.

But who was Jared? Without thinking too much, Crystal hid the knife in her hand quickly and then held the mini spear tightly.

She stood up abruptly, turned around quickly and ran towards the place where Edgar stood.

The gunshots broke the silence.

When they realized what happened, they screamed

Ah, someone is killing peop

tful tone

Edgar clenched his fists tightly. Now he told himself to calm down, calm down!

He forced himself to calm down, but he couldn't. He didn't know where Crystal was, but he could tell that the killers came for cold heart. What should he do! Crystal is in danger!

After taking a deep breath, Edgar gave Leo a cold glance and said, "tell everyone, if they don't want to die, give them one minute to prove that they have nothing to do with this matter and then they can leave. One minute later, check every toilet and every passageway here. At the sight of a man with a gun, kill him. It's self-defense! "

"Yes, sir!" replied Leo reverently

After that, the group of people with Leo left quickly and divided into several teams to search from different directions. They were all specially trained, so they had various ways to deal with such a panic scene.

Then, he gave a cold glance at Spencer and said, "now that you want to cooperate with us, I will give you a chance. People form the Meng clan belong to you now. Deal with them. I don't believe they know nothing about what happened today. Are the security guards out there blind? "

What Edgar said was clear. This assassination was not a simple one.

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