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   Chapter 264 Honey! Let's Go Back Home!

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Fine! The problem was solved! Enough!

It was better to settle some things as soon as possible than fiddle with it!

Crystal knew clearly that the purpose of Grandma Helen was to let Edgar and Bella get married. Before that, Crystal thought Bella might be Edgar's cousin.

However, Crystal did not expect that Bella was the daughter of the mayor of the city. She did not want to know the relationship between the mayor of a city and the Cao Clan, or what agreement they made.

However, Crystal was aware that they came here today for more than a simple purpose.

In this case, Crystal had no choice but to make breakthrough first. It was better to defeat the rival, in case she would interfere with her relationship with Edgar in the future.

Then Crystal smiled at Grandma Helen and said, "Grandma, Miss Bella has already admitted that she comes here to bless me and Edgar, not to look for trouble. I think you have heard it clearly, grandma. It seems that Miss Bella can't be your granddaughter in law. But never mind, after I marry Edgar. I will take good care of you! That's it! Bye! "

With that, Crystal turned and whistled, "honey, let's go back home. I'm tired."

Hearing that, a smile played at the corners of his mouth. In a pampering tone, Edgar said, "okay. I'm taking you home! "

There was only one meter between Crystal and Edgar. If it had not been for the fact that the Crystal whispered to him, "wait for me here!"

How could he let her stand there and confront all those provoking people alone!

Edgar knew clearly that the Cao Clan and the family of Bella were not easy to deal with, but he knew more about Crystal that they could not take advantage of her.

If, three y

They all knew that they were enemies forever.

In order not to draw any attention, Mora, who was standing in the corner, gave a fierce glance at Crystal. A trace of cruelty swept across Grandma Helen's eyes.

Mora left the banquet hall secretly without being noticed.

At this moment, the butler, who had been waiting respectfully outside the door, trotted towards Grandma Helen and said respectfully, "My lord, it's time for your meal!"

Grandma Helen had a habit. She paid much attention to her health condition and was very punctual when having meals every day. She never ate in a restaurant, and her meal would be specifically arranged by a dietician. This was also the reason why she seemed like a 50-year-old lady even though she was actually in her seventies.

The voice of the butler was very familiar to Crystal. She raised her head and glanced at him. Then she was stunned. It was him... Jared.

Jared hid his strong body in the Butler uniform. His hair had turned brown to black. He took off his glasses. A pair of expensive leather shoes on his feet made him extraordinary. Why did he work for the Cao Clan as a butler?

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