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   Chapter 263 Help You With The Plastic Surgery!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 7137

Updated: 2020-03-10 00:02

A charming smile appeared on Crystal's face. "Yeah, grandma is right, but even though I'm such a woman, your grandson is still willing to treat me as his treasure, and won't push me away!"

With that, Crystal's eyes fell on Bella's face all of a sudden. Crystal stretched out a hand, raised Bella's chin and said indifferently, "As for your face, if you want Edgar to have a crush on you, I think I should help you! "

Crystal's hand was so tight that it hurt Bella's cheek. However, Bella' didn't expect that Crystal was so bold to treat her like this.

But when she looked into Crystal's eyes, Bella' was a little scared. Crystal's gloomy and cruel eyes scared her to step back, but Crystal's another hand had held her tightly.

Bella trembled, "what... What are... What are you doing?"

Crystal sneered coldly and said, "I don't want to do anything, but I just want to help you. Since you want Edgar to fall in love with you, you should learn from me and go to the whole realm. I promise he will look at you differently."

"Really?" Bella asked in surprise

Standing behind Crystal, Edgar raised his eyebrows and thought, 'what does she want to do on earth? He never believed that Crystal was so kind-hearted

Even Spencer Mu, who was standing beside them, raised the corners of his mouth and whistled in his heart. It seemed that someone was going to suffer!

Sure enough, the next second, she looked at Bella coldly and said faintly, "Since Miss Bella is going to have a plastic surgery, you don't need this face anymore, right? Well, then I will help you to the end kindly!"

Before Bella could react, Crystal suddenly took a blade out of nowhere and pressed it against Bella's cheek.

The next second, the shining blade was patted on her face several times. Suddenly, Bella reacted and took a deep breath. She looked at Crystal in horror. "You... What are you doing?"

Crystal replied slowly, "Of course making your face disfigured and then help doing the plastic surgery."


The word almost made Susan faint. She trembled, "I... I don't want to do any plastic surgery, I never thought ab

guess you might be close friends!"

Then Crystal rubbed Bella's face with the blade and said, "why do you call him brother Edgar?"

Bella shook her head and replied, "no, No. we just met several times when we were kids. After that, we moved to City A and we haven't contacted each other since then."

Crystal put on a charming smile and asked, "and then?"

Bella replied, "Then? It's gone! "

Crystal gave a weird smile and asked, "Then Miss Bella, what are you doing here today? Are you going to marry Edgar? Or are you here to send wishes? "

Finally, Bella got to know what Crystal was going to do with her. Without any hesitation, she nodded her head and replied, "yes, I am..." there she paused for a second and then continued, "I'm here to give you my best wishes. I wish Mr. Edgar and Miss Crystal's love becomes more and more wonderful. At your wedding, I will give you a big red packet and wish you live happily ever after!"

A smile of satisfaction appeared on Crystal's face, "thank you in advance, Miss Bella. After all, you're the mayor's daughter and you must keep your words, right! "

Bella, who was almost scared to death, was finally relieved to see the blade slowly put back to its sheath. In fact, she wanted to say, "bitch, you dare to threaten me, I will let you regret!"

However, when she met Crystal's cold eyes, she was frightened and nodded quickly. "Yes, yes, I will keep my word"

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