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   Chapter 257 Damn It!

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Fine! Hearing that, Edgar could not help but pouted.His girlfriend didn't need his help at all.

Alas, was it sad for him to have such a strong woman as his girlfriend? Or was it sad for her own?

However, no matter how Olivia explained, Crystal replied coldly, "Really? I remember that a woman with a mask looked like you very much! I am a curious person. To satisfy my curiosity, I followed her. I had a look at her and checked if she was you. If it was, I would have helped you for the sake of our old friendship. At least, I could help you with bags and call nurses, but I couldn't see her face. So I called your assistant and the directors who seem to have some kind of affairs with you. But it accidentally alarmed their wives. "

Crystal winked mischievously at Olivia after her words.

The truth was totally exposed by Crystal.

Olivia was so angry that her whole body was trembling, "it was you...""

One year ago, Olivia succeeded in becoming a B-lister by bedding with directors.

However, she was pregnant by accident during those days. Her career was just getting better, and the child was her stumbling block. Moreover, she did not know who was the father! She chose to come to the hospital for the abortion secretly.

After the operation, she had thought that she could leave quietly. However, to her surprise, she was involved in a storm.

Several directors were waiting for her. They looked at each other. They all refused to admit that Olivia had something to do with them. What's more, they all looked disgusted and disdainful about her. They could believe that they all had sex with the same bitch. Th

he fourth week of pregnancy.

As a result, the people who felt a little pity for Olivia a second ago looked at her in a wired way the next second.

Crystal was quite satisfied with her embarrassment. She knew exactly how Olivia had hurt her in the past. It was very desperate.

Meanwhile, Justin looked extremely gloomy! Justin looked at Olivia with disgust and disdain. He thought she was pure and simple just like her appearance. He thought Olivia was a good match with him.

Even if he was forced out today, he could be reborn with the help of her reputation. But now he was told that Olivia was once a prostitute.

Shit! It's disgusting!

Justin was completely a male chauvinism. It was intolerable for him to know that his girlfriend was an obscene woman.

He looked at her with disgust.

Just one glance, Crystal knew that Olivia was defeated.

However, with a smile on her face, Crystal said lightly, "Justin, be aware of AIDS! After all, Miss Olivia used to be a slut and she purposely concealed her past. Mr. Justin, don't you think you are deceiving yourself? "

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