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   Chapter 254 How Humorous You Are!

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Just then, Mia walked towards them arm in arm with Charlie.

At this moment, Edgar's deep eyes suddenly became cold, as if there was no temperature in them! Even Crystal shivered.

"Edgar, long time no see!"

The graceful way he spoke made Crystal feel sick. If she had not known the real face of Edward, maybe she would have been deceived by such harmless appearance.

At this time, Edgar also did not show weakness. He said lightly, "yes, it's been a long time since I saw you last time. I should have known that today is your engagement day. I should prepare a gift for you before I come. Oh, by the way, do you like that beast? I spent a lot of efforts to find it out from the mountain forest, examined it myself, and bandaged it. I know you like beasts. What do you think? Do you like it or not, Mr. Charlie? "

However, only Mia was confused. Crystal knew clearly what Edgar was talking about.

Before they fell off the cliff, Edgar had suspected that it was a conspiracy. He was also confused about the wolves that had suddenly appeared in the mountains and forests.

It was because the woods had been full of toxic swelling, and there was no living creature in the woods. Why could those wolves live there for so long? There were some toxins in their bodies before they walked in and then they were able to live in that mountain. That was why those wolves could survive for so long.

And the wolves with toxins had only stayed in the mountain forest and had never gone down the mountain to hurt others. So they must have been trained!

Their ultimate goal was to kill them in the mountain forest. It had to be admitted that this method was very vicious, but it was very direct.

Even if Crystal, Edgar and other people who had successfully walked out of the mountain forest, they would die of poison soon.

The certainty was dual.

But what Charlie didn't expect was that with her medical skill, Crystal could easily find a way to detoxify them in the woods. Even he didn't know

rs when they are together. At that time, I was really moved! "

Hearing that, Crystal almost burst into laughter. Even Mia, who held Charlie's arm, got a little bit away from Charlie unconsciously.

A transsexual operation? A tragic couple? Damn it! Did it mean that Charlie was a homosexual?

With her hands holding Edgar's arm, Crystal shuddered and praised in her heart, 'great!'! 'awesome!

Even though Charlie had tried his best to suppress his desire, he couldn't resist it any more. A cold light flashed across his eyes. He sneered, "I haven't seen you for a few days, Mr. Edgar has become an expert at telling lies. No wonder you can get Miss Crystal who is experienced in affairs. I really admire you!"

"You too. Mr. Charlie has also been hidden yourself for a long time. It must be very tired to disguise yourself like that before! Congratulations! Finally you can regain your real identity. It's time to celebrate, Mr. Charlie, am I right? "

Finishing his words, Edgar held Crystal in his arms and looked at her with spoiling eyes. "You have stood for so long. Maybe you are tired. Let's go back. It's so boring and gross here. It's better for us to go back and have a candlelight dinner!"

With that, he turned around, ready to leave, but a shrill voice interrupted him, "It's so noisy. What are you talking about?"

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