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   Chapter 253 You Deserve To Be My Boyfriend!

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Although Mrs. Li was middle-aged, her curvaceous figure was more beautiful than her face.

Three women, three scenic spots.

Mrs. Han and Mrs. Li had stood up with each other's help.

They glanced at Mrs. Wang, who was in a panic, and then took a deep breath at each other. They exchanged a look, and the only thought in their minds was that their clothes were not torn into pieces luckily.

The banquet hall was big with so many people gathering around.

Mrs. Han and Mrs. Wang hated Crystal, but they didn't dare to show it on their faces. Apparently, they were all women who staggered to stand stably and accidentally fell down. The most important reason was that they were all dignified ladies. If they were watched by everyone, it would be too embarrassing.

Thinking of this, they looked at each other, speechless. With a darkened face, they left silently, covering their wounds with a handkerchief.

It was also because of this that Crystal had the confidence to provoke them.

She didn't care how many people hated her.

However, Mrs. Li was not that lucky.

More and more onlookers, some cursing and some crying, but no one came up to put a coat on her.

"Who is this woman! You are so flirty! "

"Isn't that Mr. Li's wife, Mrs. Li?"

"Right? She is a shameless whore. Bah! "

"She doesn't need to be ashamed! She was just a striptease!"

"You are right. Look at her sexy bra. It's obviously a tool for flirting. Humph! What a shameless woman! "

Facing other people's accusations, sarcasm and insults, Mrs. Li wanted to die, but she hated Crystal more. She wished she could tear Crystal into pieces right now.

Standing in the center of the crowd, Crystal raised her chin, squinted at Mrs. Li, and made a mouth shape, "enjoy your unique glory!"! "

Mrs. Li was so angry that her whole body trembled and the corners of her mouth trembled slightly. At this moment, she really wanted to tear away Crystal's mouth.

But there were more and more onlookers, she couldn't ge

Later, Mia who was changed into a red floor length evening dress with a diamond made bow knot around her waist and whose hair scattered over her waist was held by a man in a white suit. The man wore a gentle smile, with a different style. He looked like a prince with politeness.

Mia and the young man stood arm in arm in the middle of the hall.

The man smiled and looked at everyone. He said lightly, "it's my engagement party with Mia today. I didn't inform you in time. It's all my fault. However, I hide it from you all because I want to give you a surprise and hope to receive your best wishes. "

The man's tone was calm, but there was an undoubted attitude in his tone. His simple words had already attracted everyone's attention on the marriage of the Mu family and the Meng family. At the same time, he also indicated that there would be a hidden partner of United Union and the partner would be lifelong.

It was well known that although the Mu group had lost a company in the city, the key foreign trade industries that the Mu group had focused on was several foreign trade industries. From this, everyone got a message that United Union would have a future development trend and go abroad.

As a result, many CEOs of those small companies who had decided to take sides with Bill started to pay their compliments to Bill.

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