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   Chapter 252 You Are Seeking Death!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 5296

Updated: 2020-03-07 00:13

There was no trace of coldness in her tone.However, her smile was so cold that Mora's friends were trembling as if there were a serpent climbing on them.

Her intention was very clear, and almost said, "you dare to provoke me, you are seeking death for your own"!

Crystal raised her head and glanced at those dowagers around Mora coldly. But what Melissa said didn't affect her at all.

Then, Mia laughed, "Miss Crystal, you're really fond of joking. Look how you scared these ladies

With a sweet smile, she continued to introduce to Crystal, "Miss Crystal, this is Mrs. Wang, the wife of the mayor of this city, and the other is Mrs. Han, the wife of the richest man in our city! And this is Mrs. Li. "

'they are so arrogant and have a powerful background.' Crystal thought to herself.

Glancing at them coldly, Crystal didn't show any flurry.

Mrs. Wang dressed up magnificently and the clothes she wore were suitable and luxurious. The crystal necklace around her neck was extremely conspicuous

Mrs. Han was a trend seeker. She wore a gorgeous European court dress with mink fur cloak on it and a red hat with two beautiful green feathers on it, looking elegant and dignified.

Mrs. Li was wearing a simple black suit without too much decoration.

Mrs. Wang was the first to open her mouth. She arrogantly glanced at Crystal and said ironically, "Miss Crystal, don't be so aggressive. You should be as gentle as Mia, or no one will like you"

She said it casually, but people present would have realized that she was deliberately flattering Mora and hum

at? You are asking for help? But it is too late!

Mrs. Li trembled, "you... stop!"

With a weird smile on her face, Crystal said, "Are you scared?"

Before Mrs. Li could finish her words, Crystal quickly walked towards her.

Then she whispered in Mrs. Wang's ear, "As you wish."

Mrs. Wang didn't understand.

Apparently, she didn't feel any pain at all.

Did Crystal just let her go?

She breathed a sigh of relief, but the next second, she suddenly felt cold all over her body

With a scream, Mrs. Wang's face turned pale and she unconsciously hid in a corner.

"Wow, Mrs. Wang, what are you doing here? Are you wearing bikini to show your body? "

Crystal had known at the first sight that Mrs. Han and Mrs. Li were both people who would like to show off by wearing fancy costume. As for Mrs. Wang, she looked simple and plain, but Crystal could tell from her innermost secret that she was a slut!

It was said that the husband of Mrs. Wang hadn't have any affair with another woman. Now it seemed that the gossip made sense.

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