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   Chapter 248 Honey, Please Cook For Me

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Updated: 2020-03-06 00:13

Wearing a casual suit, Edgar leaned on the sofa with his legs crossed on the tea table. He played with his mobile phone with his slender fingers, with a faint smile forming on his beautiful lips. His handsome face looked extremely attractive in the light.

It had to be said that Edgar was more attractive than he had been three years ago. Raising his head slightly and looking at Crystal, he said lazily, "I know that I am handsome. You don't have to stare at me like that. I will be shy!"

Taking a deep breath and gritting her teeth, Crystal casually put her bag on the sofa and sneered, "Edgar, don't be so narcissistic!"

"Being narcissistic is one of my merits," Edgar retorted

Crystal really wanted to slap this shameless narcissist to faint. She sat on the sofa, flipped her hair and said lightly, "go ahead, what's the matter?" Crystal couldn't believe that Edgar only wanted to chat with her at the moment.

With a faint smile on his face, Edgar said, "nothing else. I'm hungry. Darling, go cook for me!"

All of a sudden, Crystal stood up and put her legs on his body. Raising his chin, she said with a charming smile, "baby, do you want to eat me?"

With these words, she kissed on Edgar's face.

Edgar was touched by Crystal. He breathed more heavily. With his hands on the waist of Crystal, he smiled and said, "yes!"

Crystal rolled her eyes, "but I'm not willing to!"

Then Crystal stood up and went to the kitchen. After a while, she took a bowl of steaming noodles from the kitchen and put it on the table. "Eat your food and then get out of here! I need a rest! "

Edgar took his cellphone away. He took a look at the bowl of noodles on the tea table. Curling his mouth, he said in disdain, "It doesn't look good!"

But he sat straight, leaned forward, bowed his head, and began to eat the noodles gracefully.

In fact, Edgar only wanted to have a bowl of noodles. He missed her smell and the egg noodles that she had cooked for him for the first time, but Edgar had never told Crystal.

She looked at Edgar in silence, her mouth twitching. Damn, he was really

ar stood up all of a sudden with his mouth twitching. He took a warmer pad out of her bedroom, put it on her underbelly, and then covered her with a blanket. He stood up again, trotted to the kitchen, and soon fetched a cup of brown sugar water from the kitchen and put it on the tea table.

Looking at Edgar's fluent movements, Crystal suddenly smiled and jeered at him, "I didn't expect that there is such a gentle side on my boyfriend. Well, you could not be my boyfriend. You can be my mother directly!"

Hearing that, Edgar, who was about to help Crystal stand up, twitched his mouth and rolled his eyes. "Is your brain not working right now because of your period. Want me to be your mother? Why don't you say that I could be your good father! "

Crystal said shamelessly, "I see. Dad Edgar, would you like to go to the supermarket and buy a sanitary pad for me?"

Hearing that, Edgar's face turned dark, but seeing that cold sweat was still on Crystal's forehead because of the pain, he became softhearted in an instant. Gritting his teeth, he said, "have a good rest here. I will come back soon."

Crystal smiled and said, "Okay, I will listen to you, dad."

With a darkened face, Edgar stood up and grabbed his coat. Before he left, he reminded, "don't forget to drink that glass of brown sugar water. It won't work if it's cold."

Crystal closed her eyes and smiled, "Oh, I know, Dad."

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