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   Chapter 247 Honey, You Have No Choice

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Updated: 2020-03-06 00:03

Celine walk over to Crystal. "Let me take you upstairs," Celine said

Crystal turned her head back to look at him with a charming smile on her face. She said, "you can go back now! Don't worry. Celine will stay with me. No man dares to bother me! "

Hearing that, Edgar frowned. He took his cellphone out of his pocket and made a call. "Is everything done?" he asked? Well, I see"

Then, he hung up the phone and came to Crystal. He raised her chin and sneered, "honey, you have no choice!"

After saying that, Edgar turned around and walked into the building.

"What's up, Celine?" Crystal asked Celine.

Celine had meant to ask Crystal to give her some idea. But when the words were on the tip of her tongue, she curled her lips and swallowed them.

She said, "well, I'm fine. I wanted to... But now I'm fine. You're busy. I'm back!"

Crystal frowned, "Are you sure you are okay? Aren't you going upstairs? "

Thinking of Edgar, who just walked into the building, Celine forced a smile. "I'm really fine. I'm leaving!"

Then she turned around and ran away.

Crystal watched Celine going away and wondered if it was really what she thought.

Then Crystal turned around and walked into the building.

On the way to the elevator, Edgar was still lost in his own thoughts. When the elevator stopped at the 18th floor, he walked out. Crystal followed him with a frown.

Crystal saw that Edgar opened the door of room 1801.Crystal's face darkened. At the moment, she really wanted to say, "how dare you!

"Edgar, you are so thoughtful. Why do you move in the opposite of me? What's wrong? You want to spy on me? "

Edgar leant on the door and said coolly, "you are right. Since you are my girlfriend now, of course I have to keep a close eye on you to prevent others falling in love with you!"

Crystal took the key of her house out of her pocket and opened the door. She turned her head to look at Edgar and said in an indifferent tone, "okay. Since my boyfriend is kind-hearted, you can keep watch on me. I'm going back home first. Bye!"


ut to hang up the phone, Toby quickly added, "Ms. Crystal, I... I have found out the traitor. He is... He's Mark!"

Without any astonishment, Crystal had long expected that. Mark, a powerful person, was willing to work as an accountant in Sorrow with no future. Didn't he do it with an ulterior motive?

Crystal didn't think that a man with some ambitions would be willing to be in the limelight!

Crystal said, "don't let him off the hook. If someone wants him to be the person, give him the chance."

"Yes, your highness. I know what to do." Toby replied, his eyes lighting up

Crystal hung up the phone.

At this moment, there were a few knocks on the door.

Crystal wanted to ignore, but the knock didn't give up.

So, Crystal got up barefoot, walked over and opened the door.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm hungry!"

Crystal frowned. 'what's wrong with him?'.

"It's none of my business. I'm not your mother!"

"But you are my girlfriend. You have the obligation to cook for me!"

"I'm busy!"

"But I have time! "

Then the figure pushed the door open and came in.

Gritting her teeth in anger, Crystal said, "are you done or not?"


Crystal really wanted to curse, 'damn you!'.

"I'm sleepy and want to sleep. You'd better go back to your room. When you get hungry, order some take out!"

"I'm also sleepy. Let's sleep together!"

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