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   Chapter 246 Let's Go, I'll Take You To Have A Walk

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Updated: 2020-03-05 00:33

Crystal stopped, and she coldly said, "I know, you are the one who killed my sister!"

Crystal looked up at the sky as she walked out of the interrogation room.

It was sunny and the sky was blue. It was a picturesque scene. But at this moment, Crystal still felt cold inside. She didn't know how she managed to get on Edgar's car.

Something was far more complicated than she had thought. However, she had no way back. There was no where for her to retreat, so she could only advance against the wind.

When she saw Edgar, who was smoking leisurely in the driver's seat, she wore a smile at the corners of her mouth. She opened the door, got on the car, put her head on his shoulder and pinched his chin. "Let's go, darling. I'll take you to have some fun!"

Edgar noticed Crystal coming towards him with the sad look on her face. However, he knew that Crystal would not let anyone see her weakness, especially in front of him. So he simply pretended not to see anything.

Edgar patted Crystal's hand away, held her head and kissed her. After a moment of lingering, he pushed her away. He pushed her to the passenger seat and fastened the seat belt for her. Looking at her, he said seriously, "I know, you may not believe what I said, but even if you don't believe, I don't care who you are. Since I chose to be with you, I will stick with you for my whole life! "

Then Edgar went back to his seat, stepped on the accelerator and drove out of the police station, The atmosphere in the car was so quiet that it was a little embarrassing.

Crystal looked out of the window. It was getting darker and the street lights would be turned on soon.

When the street lights on the roadside were turned on, Crystal said, "I don't want you to influence me while making decisions." Crystal said calmly yet in a cold voice, but only she knows that she was touched at the moment.

If there was a man who loved you so much without regret, it would be a lie if you said that you were not moved at all.

Crystal turned to look out of the wind

d the window and made a gesture to the traffic policeman to shut up.

Under the policeman's angry face, he took out his wallet and a lot of money from it. He patted it on the policeman's hand and said coldly, "this is the penalty. Goodbye!"

He started the car.

When the traffic policeman came to his sense, Edgar had already disappeared from his sight.

"Damn it! How arrogant you are! Being rich is nothing to be proud of! "

Then he looked at the money and sighed, "You cannot be so arrogant even you are rich. But considering that your attitude is quite good, I can pretend I didn't see anything! "

So after that, he put the money into his pocket and smiled.

At the same time.

Edgar sent Crystal back. Celine was waiting for them downstairs. She ran to them hurriedly, "sister, you're finally back."

Crystal got out of the car, pointed at Edgar and said, "Well, we were stopped by the traffic policeman and have just paid ten thousand dollars of penalty!"

Celine looked at Edgar coldly.

She rolled up her sleeves and said maliciously, "humph, stinky face, what's the big deal of money?"

Edgar was in a bad mood today. He really wanted to kill the third wheel when he saw Celine, but he didn't do that. He glanced at her coldly and said, "it's none of your business!"

Celine glared at Edgar. How she wished she could punch him.

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