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   Chapter 245 I Want To Tell You Something

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Colin closed his eyes and opened them again. "Miss Crystal, I will tell you everything you want to know as long as you promise me to let me meet Paul!" he said decisively

Crystal smiled coldly, "well, everything I want to know? What is it? "

"You just want to know why Bill keep silent all these years even though he knows I'm not his son? Don't you want to know who Duke is? You want to know what I have, don't you? "

After that, Crystal looked at Colin up and down carefully. With a cold smile, she said, "Terry has told me that you look like a muddleheaded idiot, but actually, it's not that simple. It seems that what Terry has said is right. You have been using the word" idiot " to disguise yourself, haven't you?"

Colin stared at her seriously. Suddenly, he smiled, like a drop of warm water suddenly dropped on the ice in the early spring. His smile was so beautiful, and he was completely different from the first time when he met Crystal.

"It's said that the prettier a woman is, the more simple her mind is. Because they only care about the appearance very much and ignore their inner spirit. They can make use of the beauty to seduce people. There's no need to do anything else! But today, I saw a different woman! "

Crystal sneered and said, "Okay, I'll take it as your praise. Now that you've known what I'm going to ask, just come straight to the point!"

"You must agree to my request before I tell you!"

With her chin raised, she sneered, "It depends!"

Which means that it was totally up to her to decide whether to keep the promise or not!

It almost made Colin jump up. He gritted his teeth and said, "you... You... You are so unfaithful."

"I didn't promise I would agree with your request. But you have no choice now. I believe that you have already knew who set you up th

e table. In order to make Crystal see them clearly, he wrote slowly. In this way, he told Crystal all the secrets he knew.

And as the words appeared in front of Crystal, she opened her eyes wide again and gripped the lower corner of her clothes tightly.

A moment later, with a relieved expression, Billy leaned back. With a calm expression, he said, "I've told you everything I know. And I've told you everything I shouldn't tell you. I hope you can keep your promise to protect them."

With a cold and calm expression on her face, Crystal stood up and turned around. "You should protect them your own," she said

"You know I can't get out. Perhaps I will be poisoned to death the next second"

Turning her head, Crystal didn't answer his question directly but said, "actually, I forgot to tell you that I was Ivy three years ago, the sister of Megan"

With a confused look on his face, he asked, "what? You are... "Ivy?"

He didn't expect that Crystal was just the younger sister of Megan.

As she pushed the door open, Billy cried out, "I never hurt her. From the first day she got closed to me, I knew she was up to something. But even so, I never thought of hurting her. I didn't kill her!"

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