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   Chapter 241 Are You Worrying About Me!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6940

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Edgar was leaning against the chair with one hand holding his pen and the other one holding his phone, with the other one against his ear. "Honey, beg me. Then I'll take you to the jail to see Colin. "

Crystal asked coldly, "Do you want me to beg you?"

With a smile, Edgar said, "honey, as long as you admit your mistake in front of me and admit that you shouldn't ignore me..."

Edgar had thought that as long as Crystal apologized to him, he would be in a better mood.

But a moment later, Crystal said with his hands spread, "well, since you don't want to go, right! Okay, I'll go by myself. At worst, I'll take my people... and break into prison! "

After saying that, she directly hung up the phone.

Hearing that, Edgar froze with the cellphone in his hand. When he realized what had happened, he thumped the table and stood up. Fuck! She did hang up!

Edward's face turned cold in an instant. He took out two coins from his pocket and said with his teeth gritted, "Crystal, you're damn crazy. Can't you just surrender?"

With that, he slammed the two coins on the table, picked up his coat casually, turned around and went out.

Right at that moment, Leo came over from the meeting room. When he saw that Edgar left in a hurry, he thought his boss would go to the meeting room. However, when Edgar walked to the elevator.

Amazed, Leo chased after him. "Boss, where are you going? All shareholders have been waiting in the conference room for a long time"

Edgar said casually, "let them wait for us!"

Then he went straight into the elevator, leaving Leo stunned there alone.

Leo looked bitter and almost passed out. Shit! Boss! I'm going to be scolded to death by the shareholders. Please don't be like this. Help me!

At the moment, Leo really wanted to go back to America. Otherwise, he would become very upset and upset.

Then, wearing a bitter and helpless face, he turned around and ran towards the meeting room with his head down.

At this moment, Edgar had jumped into his luxury car. He pressed the accelerator hard and g

leave Sorrow to you. I won't come back in these two days. It's up to you! I trust you. You won't let me down! "

Then Crystal walked directly out of the room with Edgar, gripping his arm tightly.

Everyone was left in confusion.

"What does our boss mean, Toby? Didn't our boss ask us to break into prison? Why don't we go?"

There was no answer. Toby turned around and went back to Sorrow.

The rest of them scratched their heads and followed Toby back to Sorrow.

Although none of them knew exactly what Crystal meant by saying that, only Toby knew clearly what Crystal meant. At the same time, he was very excited, because Crystal finally believed him.

Then he looked downstairs at Mark, who was leisurely holding a glass of wine and chatting with the beautiful girls. Toby clenched his hands in his trouser pockets. What should he do?

The words Crystal had said to him before he left kept repeating in his ears.

A moment later, he made a decision which was quite important to him.

Many years later, Toby felt lucky and without regret to make such a decision today.

That was just a later story.

At the same time, Edgar was dragged by Crystal into his luxury car.

Along the way, Edgar's face was very stinky, and his eyes were very cold. He drove very fast. Until they took a sharp turn, he stopped the car directly in the middle of the road.

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