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   Chapter 240 I Won't!

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"Give me the coins!"

Soon, Leo returned the coins to Edgar.

Edgar took back the coins. Then he glanced at Leo who was in a daze, and said, "go and tell my cousin, Eva. If she can manage to engage in a relationship with Toby, she will not need to pay her debt!"

Hearing that, Leo twitched his mouth. It was not until then that he realized that Edgar burnt with jealousy. The reason why their boss behaved so abnormally was because of Crystal.

"Yes, sir!"

Then he turned around and ran away quickly.

"Tell her, Toby is in Sorrow now!"

Leo ran out without hesitation. Damn! Don't call me back again! I can't stand it! That's fucking annoying!

Edgar took out the two coins from his pocket and laughed, "huh! How dare you stay with my girl alone in a room! You're making yourself trouble! "

At the same time, in Sorrow, Crystal looked Toby up and down, she smiled and said, "you did a great job just now!"

Toby trembled, "I... I saw nothing... I...""

Toby walked forward and knelt on one knee, saying respectfully, "Please punish me!"

She looked around and asked coldly, "Do you realize your mistake?"

With confusion written all over his face, Toby raised his head and looked at Crystal. Frightened, he immediately lowered his head again and replied respectfully, "I realize my mistake! I am sorry."

Crystal: "do you know what your mistake exactly is?"

"Yes, I know it," replied Toby

"Well! Anything else? "

"Emmm, but I still don't get it," Toby replied, confused

Crystal looked around and found a mini bug in a corner of a bookshelf.

"Look! What is it?"

Toby stood up and took it over. He was shocked. "Boss, I don't know what happened."

Crystal sat down in her chair and said coldly, "Colin was arrested by the police downstairs just now. Someone repo

Right now, he also didn't know how to comfort Crystal. He would rather take some actions to prove his sincerity. At the thought of this, he left silently.

Bang! The door was closed.

Crystal turned around and glanced at the door where Toby had just disappeared. She sighed and said, "I hope you can understand that if a person wants to betray others, he must figure out a hundred reasons to tell everyone that he was forced.".

But on the other hand, since he had betrayed once, he would do it again definitely.

Then Crystal took out her phone and dialed a number, "Edgar, take me to meet Colin."

At the time, Edgar was looking at the two coins. He got a call from Crystal.

He said, "Well, you finally remember me!"

With a charming smile on her face, Crystal said, "yes, dear, I miss you very much!"

Edgar took a deep breath and gritted his teeth before saying, "Who the hell do you think I am? You just kicked me out as long as you want to. "

"So what now? Do you get mad? I hurt you? Come here. I'll give you a lollipop, now take me to the jail to meet Colin! "

Hearing that, Edgar pouted and said, "no, I won't!"

Crystal gritted her teeth, "Edgar, are you going or not?"

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