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   Chapter 237 It Was Over! It Was All Over!

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Meanwhile, the policeman asked, "What's your relationship with Colin?"

Bertha replied, "I'm his wife!"

The policeman said, "since you are his wife, you should know more clearly that your husband has violated the law and must cooperate with it. As for what you said, we will also investigate it. If it really has something to do with this woman, then we will handle it without your help. So please get out of the way. We must take Colin back to the police station for investigation."

Donna's hair was pulled by Bertha so hard that her tears came out. Donna bit her lips hard to keep quiet.

She knew clearly that this was the time for her to protect herself from trouble. If she explained for herself, it would be like deceiving others.

At last, she didn't say anything or make any expression.

Donna pretended to be pitiful. Besides, she was beaten black and blue. It was really pitiful! The head of the policemen could not bear seeing such a scene. He comforted her, "if this matter really has nothing to do with you, our police won't wrong you. We will definitely clear your name!"

Grinning, Donna blinked at the police and cried, "thank you!"

She only said one word, and then she said no more! Because she knew that the more she said the more mistakes she might make.

At this time, Bertha couldn't bear to see it. She pushed Donna aside, grabbed the police's arm and begged, "Sir, you must be mistaken. I know my husband well. You can arrange an encounter for him and a mistress for him. Maybe he will be happy with that. But if you make him corrupt and embezzle public funds, he really has no courage! "

Colin was anxious there, but no matter how anxious he was, he didn't want Bertha to go on talking.

So he coldly shouted at Bertha, "Bertha, shut up! What do you know? You'd better go back now. The police said that I am only responsible for the investigation. Maybe I will be back soon. You should

ich made the head of the police feel a little good. Maybe he was really wronged?

That was exactly what Colin wanted. With a humble attitude and calm expression, he was more likely to win. However, Bertha was just not going to please him.

Bertha suddenly took out a marriage certificate from her bad, opened it and said, "Sir, my man is really not Colin. His real name is Billy!"

At this point, Colin couldn't calm down anymore. His face turned pale and his body trembled. He threw himself onto the chair.

At the moment, there was only one voice in his heart: I'm doomed! It was over. It was all over!

The head of the policemen took over the marriage license and looked at it seriously. It was true that the man in the picture was Colin. And the woman in the picture was Bertha. But the name of the man in the picture was Billy!

The policeman knew there must be something wrong! He cleared his throat and ordered coldly, "take both of them away!"

Then he glanced at Donna, who were hiding in a small corner, as well as Crystal and Edgar, and said, "take them all away!"

The head of the police was aware that this was not simply a matter of corruption and bribery. This might also involve people's life. They must be careful!

At this moment, a voice came, "wait!"

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