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   Chapter 235 Make Your Life A Living Hell!

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Crystal took out a piece of wet tissue from her pocket, opened it and wiped her fingers carefully. Her fingers were beautiful and slender.

Donna's face changed as she saw Crystal's behavior. Did Crystal think that she was filthy?

Crystal didn't talk until she finished wiping her hands elegantly and slowly.

"Of course poison," she replied indifferently. "Could it be tonic?"

With these words, Crystal went to the bathroom and took out a mirror to fix her makeup.

"Don't worry. This poison won't let you die immediately, but will let you feel worse than to die!"

As Donna heard the words, a look of horror came over her face. All of a sudden, the horrible scene that the poisoned person on TV had seven holes bleeding appeared in her eyes.

She was scared. Would she bleed to death as what she saw on TV? No, she didn't want to die. no It's horrible!

With fear, Donna knelt in front of Crystal and grabbed Crystal's trousers. She begged, "please, give me the antidote. I was wrong. Whatever you want me to do, I will do it for you!"

After fixing her make-up, Crystal gave a charming smile to the mirror, turned around and gently lifted Donna up from the ground.

"Miss Donna, what are you doing? Have I done anything to you? Why are you being so courteous?"

Donna stood up, trembling. She didn't know what Crystal was thinking about, so she didn't dare to say anything more.

She thought the woman in front of her was as stupid as before, but she found that everything had changed. It was a top grade potion that she just took out, but Ivy was not intoxicated. 、

Now Ivy (Crystal) was like a devil with a beautiful skin. The smile on her face was beautiful, so was the darkness in her heart.

Crystal still had a smile on her face, looking gorgeous, attracting countless men to bend down.

"Miss Donna, we were just chatting, deep in our hearts, and trying to express our feelings. Am I right?"

Donna nodded with a trembling hand. "Yes... You are right"

With an en

g nervous in her heart

Then, they went back to the private room.

As soon as they returned to the private room, they saw that Edgar was playing his cellphone idly, while Colin was sitting aside with her head bowed. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

Seeing Crystal coming out, Edgar stood up, while Crystal ran into his arms like a bird.

"What took you so long? "

With a smile, Crystal said, "Well. I was chatting with Miss Donna in the washroom for a while. I thought she was pregnant like me, but I misunderstood her. She is not pregnant, but ate something bad.

Another thing, dear, did you say that the woman who chased you all the time was Donna? Didn't you say that she was the daughter of the Han family? While Miss Donna who is chatting with me in the washroom is an overseas Chinese with the same name. What a coincidence. Oh, dear, you should at least have seen that Donna Han! How about this lady? "

Crystal said in a very loud voice. She inadvertently winked at Edgar.

Then, Edgar touched Crystal's forehead with his finger and said with a smile, "fool, I didn't say yes. Miss Donna, I don't know you at all. In addition, haven't I told you? Don't you remember that Donna Han, the girl who had stirred up trouble in the company, was sent to a psychiatric hospital? I guess she's completely insane now. "

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