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   Chapter 234 Who Is The Person behind This

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Donna cried out because of the pain, but Crystal said coldly, "ah, my hand slipped, I am really sorry to hurt you!"

At this moment, Donna was angry and afraid. She was really afraid that Crystal would kill her here.

Donna trembled with fear.

Donna said, "Crystal... Please don't kill me... I don't want to die... As long as you don't kill me, I could do anything for you...""

A hint of cruelty flashed through Crystal's eyes. She said coldly, "tell me, Who is the person behind this?"

"I... I don't understand. What... What are you talking about?" Donna asked

"You don't understand? Don't play dumb with me! Do you really think I dare not kill you? Say it or not? "

With these words, Crystal passed the dagger around Donna's ear and made another cut.

"AHHHH "Donna nearly fainted with pain.

She knew that Crystal was not just saying that casually. She really dared to kill her. But if she told her the truth, that person would not let her go. What should she do? What should she do? '?

Crystal seemed to see through her mind and said indifferently, "since you don't say it, do you think your master will let you go if you go back like this? You are an abandoned person. Whether you complete your task or not, do you really think that they can let you go? I bet they will kill you so as to keep the secret, right? Only a corpse could keep the secret forever. Do you think that they had already came up with the same idea as mine? "

Actually, Donna was also worried about what Crystal said. During the years in the bedlam, she had tasted all kinds of ups and downs. She didn't want to go back to that horrible place again, but she al

ess from the bottom of her feet.

"Are you surprised, are you confused? Do you think that I should have fainted, but nothing happened to me? "

Donna was so scared that she nodded stupidly.

Crystal stepped forward and slapped across her face.

Suddenly, the right cheek of Donna was swollen.

Crystal grabbed her hair coldly and said, "Motherfucker, you are so shameless! I didn't mean to kill you, but you irritated me again and again. "

Crystal stretched out her hand and grabbed her by her neck.

At this moment, Donna was breathing hard and her face turned red. She already felt the breath of death. She was very afraid of death.

She stammered, "sorry, i... I'm wrong... Please let me go!"

But Crystal didn't care about it at all. She looked at Donna with a cold face and said, "I'm so sick to kill you here."

After she finished her words, Crystal stuck her finger and throw a pill into Donna's mouth. Then Crystal held her chin and forced her to swallow the pill with her head up.

Then she threw Donna aside.

Donna fell on the ground. "Ahem!"

"What did you feed me?"

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