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   Chapter 232 You Are So Humorous! Miss. Crystal!

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Colin said in a casual way. But when hearing what he said, Edgar was a bit pissed off.

"I'm flattered," replied Crystal

When she was about to raise her glass, Edgar took it away. He put the glass aside and said affectionately, "dear, listen to me. For the sake of our child, you can't drink too much."

Then he kissed on her lips.



Donna: "...."

When Edgar said that, she almost pressed Edgar against the wall. What the hell! Edgar!

Colin narrowed his eyes and glanced at Crystal. He thought, 'rumor has it that the top designer invited by the Mu's group is invited by Spencer himself. They got off the plane and returned to the Mu's group together in the same day.

So the rumor had it that Lena must have a special relationship with that playboy. But now she was with Edgar. He could see that Edgar was very considerate to her.

His desire for possession grew stronger. From the first time he saw Crystal, he knew she was a stunner.

The woman who was so precious to Edgar must be very special, and he just wanted to challenge the excitement of having sex with such a beauty.

He swore to himself that someday he would make love with her.

Meanwhile, Donna secretly cursed Crystal out of jealousy in her mind. The woman was even pregnant with Edgar's child.

What did it mean? It meant that she would soon become Mrs. Edgar. No way!

With a smile on her lips, Crystal said to Edgar, "You are so considerate, honey! Don't worry, my baby is very strong. "

Edgar shook his head impatiently and poked her forehead. "You naughty girl!"

His tone was very gentle. At this moment, there was no one else but Crystal in his eyes.

At the same time, Donna, who was sitting beside them, found that she clenched her hands into fists tightly. She had never been able to get such a gentle side of Edgar. She was not willing to a

the experience of Donna was revealed, he could only hate her.

Seeing that Donna's plan was going to be aborted, Donna covered her mouth all of a sudden, She looked like vomiting and said: "sorry... I need to go to the restroom. "

Without saying anything, she stood up and ran out.

When Colin saw that she ran out of the room with her hand covering her mouth and patting her chest, a light flashed across his eyes. Then he seemed to think of something. He was outraged, but seeing that Edgar was watching coldly aside, he restrained his anger.

Crystal cast a cold glance at Colin and cursed inwardly, 'damn it! Donna is so smart that she came up with a solution within two minutes.'. But, it seems to be useless.

Crystal pretended to be astonished, "what's wrong with her? Did I say anything wrong?"

She was just like a frightened rat, with an innocent look on her face and nestling into Edgar's arms.

Looking up at Edgar, she said, "Did I said something that I shouldn't have said?"

Edgar touched her nose with a doting smile and said, "honey, it's not your fault. Somebody just made a mistake."

"Then I'll go to see her. What if she is upset, I can comfort her."

After saying that, she left Edgar and ran to the restroom.

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