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   Chapter 229 Are You Taking Advantage Of Me

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6009

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"Maybe it's him, Bill," Mia added

Mora sat opposite her again and said lightly, "hum, that old fox is already powerless. He is not that capable, unless he cooperated with others three years ago. And this person is very meticulous, which cannot be underestimated."

"Who is that?" Mia asked

Mora glanced at her and said, "make good use of everyone around you. Everyone around you is not like what they look like, including the man with you. Don't think that he bedding with you and he is on your side! Don't be so naive. There are so many beautiful women in the world, and you are just one of them. Do you really think that he will fall in love with you when you are only in touch with him for less than two days? Everyone could be taken advantage of, including you! "

A tinge of bitterness flashed across her eyes. Mia asked carefully, "what about you? You are also taking advantage of me, aren't you? "

After that, Mia slightly closed her eyes. She knew that next, she would be slapped by her mother. She had been used to it, and she was also used to it that her mother knew her every move. A moment ago, she was shocked, but gradually she was accustomed to it. Of course, how could her mother not know who she was with!

In this case, she could not help but ask her a question that she had been repressing for a long time. She was afraid that she would go crazy if she kept suppressing her feelings! She would be lunatic!

She had never enjoyed any familial affection since she was a child. She was born to obey. But she couldn't stand it anymore.

If it wasn't because she was so eager to find out the truth of the death of her lover, Jonathan, she would have forgotten that she was still alive.

At this time, Mora turned her head and looked out of the window. She said li

aughter. I brought you up. I know you well. Since then, why not admit it! Since Edgar doesn't like you, it's OK to destroy him. There's nothing to be afraid of. Besides, you can't keep Ivy alive. In addition to being the woman you hate, her identity is the most important. If one day she is exposed, we will be in a dead end. So no matter what you think, we need to kill them all! "

Then, Mora stood up, picked up her bag, and was about to leave. Before she left, she looked back and said, "recently, you'd better hurry up and try to find Bill before Crystal finds him, kill him secretly. In addition, you'd better be more careful with your lover. He is not a simple person. At present, we are not sure whether he is your side. You'd better leave him alone. Don't let him get anything on you! "

Then, Mora took out a bottle of drugs from her bag, put it on the table and said, "give this to Olivia. Tell her to be alert and don't waste my ten million dollars. Otherwise, she will have a worse ending than Megan!"

Then she left the cafe gracefully, leaving Mia sitting there alone. She sat there for a long time until her phone rang and she answered it, "Okay, I know. Tell Donna to get ready!"

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