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   Chapter 228 Do You Really Think That I'm Old

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Mora sneered, "really? Then how can you explain this? You met those shareholders of the Hengli Group in private, and you sent someone to follow Colin. Mia, you really haven't done these things, have you? "

Mia's face turned pale and she stammered, "Mom... I"

She was shocked. She had hidden all these things from her mother enough. How could her mother know?

With a false smile, Mora said, "Mia, why are you so naughty? Do you really think that I'm getting old? "

As soon as she finished speaking, she reached out and grabbed Mia's hand.

Mia's hand kept shaking out of fear. But she didn't dare to pull her hand back.

With cold hands and feet, Mia bit her lips and said, "Mom, i... I was wrong. I was... planning for myself. In... the Meng family, that old man has never... believed in me. I'm really afraid..."

Mora said, " really? "

Mia immediately nodded and said, "yes! How... How dare I lie to you! "

They talked in a high voice, but there was no one in the store. The note was hung at the door which indicated that the shop was suspended.

Obviously, Mora had booked all the restaurant and cleared up the site.

Then, Mora stood up gracefully and stood in front of Mia! Pow! She slapped Mia on her face.

Mia covered her face with her hands. A sharp pain came from her cheek. Even so, she bit her lips tightly and dared not cry out, not to mention retorting back.

After slapping, Mora sat beside Mia, as if nothing had happened. There was not a trace of anger in her tone, as if the person who slapped Mia was not her.

She patted Mia's back gently and said, "I'm going to give you a slap to teach you a good lesson. You have no idea that your behavior of self-respect has been tailed for a long time. Even the money you have embezzled and bribes have been controlled by someone with intentions. It won't be long before you spend you


Mora continued, "tell that woman to give her three days. Ask her to make Colin take care of your mess and make him be your scapegoat. Moreover, ask her to take out Colin's possession and make him be willing to do it. Do you understand? "

Mia nodded in agreement. She agreed, "yes, I know what to do, Mommy. But as far as I'm concerned, Would Bill dislike us more? Will he fight against us for the sake of Colin? "

When Mora thought of the vicious face of Bill, she sneered, "humph! The old man doesn't care much about the stupid man named Colin. After all, he is just a chess piece. It doesn't work on the chessboard any more. Do you think he would give it up or keep it? "

Mia was shocked. "A chess piece? Isn't Colin... '"

Mora said, "You're right. He isn't Colin. That old bastard has already known about it. But he endures it till now. So how can you say he is a fool? "

"So he is lying to us?" Mia asked

Mora didn't think so, "You became the CEO of the Hengli Group easily three years ago. Do you really think it was your own capacity? Do you think you are powerful enough and those old shareholders would listen to you? You arrested their family members, but none of them dared call the police. Don't you think it's strange? "

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