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   Chapter 224 You Are Different From Them!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6258

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Crystal smiled at her and said, "don't worry

You are different from them. "

Blinking her eyes, Celine asked, "what's the difference?"

Crystal smiled and replied, "because we are good friends."

"Good friend!" The two words made Celine want to cry, "sister, I..."

She only met Crystal once, and they only spent several hours together. Celine could feel that the word "good friend" from Crystal's eyes was sincere.

Although this idea was a bit ridiculous, it was true for Celine that she had a long lost friendship.

Celine somehow felt that Crystal was familiar to her, as if she had known Crystal for a long time. However, Celine knew that it was not real.

Crystal managed to keep her poker face.

She knew how much she wanted to give her best friend a warm hug when she saw her again after so many years. She wanted to tell her, 'I'm back!'

However, she couldn't do that. Now she was surrounded by danger, so she couldn't let Celine take risks with her.

At the thought of this, Crystal said calmly, "Okay, I know you are touched. I just came back from abroad. I don't know many people at home. Since I met you and I think you are good. We can be friends! Celine, are you unwilling to be my friends? "

Celine shook her head at once, "no, it's not like that? Of course I'm willing to! "

Just then, the phone on her desk rang. Crystal picked it up and answered, "speak!"

Spencer's voice came from the other end of the line. "Crystal, your blue heart jewelry design was picked up by a second tier star. She contacted me by all means and asked you to design several blue heart designs with ten million dollars. I was about to refuse, but she said that you was familiar with her."

Crystal frowned and asked, "who? "


Crystal sneered, "Spencer, you know what I'm going to do, don't you? Don't fucking tell me! You know no

ur own business. You don't have to tell me. Right?"

Toby said bitterly, "However, that woman made Sorrow notorious and she even said... She is Edgar's cousin. She stood at the door every day and said she wanted to sleep with me for ten thousand times...Ms. Crystal, I can't do anything about it. She is a woman and I can't do anything to her. Moreover, with Edgar backing her up, please save me. I... it's so humiliating"

Talking of this, Toby suddenly hung up the phone. With a miserable look on his face, he laid prone on the table and patted his chest. "Fuck! Too... Too humiliating!

But, what should he do? Obviously, someone had played a trick on him. He knew who it was, but he didn't know what to do!

He cursed inwardly, 'damn it! Edgar, you dirty rat! How could he play a trick on him!

By the way, he finally knew that a few days ago, Edgar took a woman to hang around Sorrow every day, so that they could get a chance to choose men for his cousin.

But why was it him? Did he know about it?

Humph! It must be because he was incompetent to plot against others

Having cursed the whole Luo family in his mind, Toby leaned against the sofa and covered his head with one hand, crying! His career as a virgin was... Over!

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