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   Chapter 222 You Are Mine

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Crystal didn't answer.

Then, Edgar came up to her and said word by word, "Crystal, no matter how you hide from me, I have a way to find you. No matter where you hide, I will find you."

Her mouth twisted in a contemptuous sneer, stretching out her hand to round his neck. "Edgar, won't you really get married if I'm not the bride? Why did you have to get me back?" Crystal asked.


He looked straight at Crystal, shit! He said it so seriously, okay? His tone was so affectionate, okay? But why did Crystal feel like he was flirting with a good woman? '

She patted him on the face coldly, "what? You regret it? You don't want to chase me anymore?"

Hearing that, Edgar answered hastily, "no... No. in that case, you agreed... To be my girlfriend?"

"Okay, I'll be your girlfriend, but... I haven't considered marrying you yet, so you're only in the probation period. If you do well as my boyfriend, I'll consider moving further... If I'm not satisfied with your performance, you can go as far as you can. What do you think?" she said

Hearing that, Edgar was a little excited, but he felt that there was something wrong with what Crystal said?

But, forget it. As long as Crystal promised to be his girlfriend, he would make Crystal accept him again.

Edgar nodded without any emotion, "okay!"

With a charming cold smile on her face, Crystal said, "Okay, good boy. Here, I will reward you with a kiss. You go home obediently and do what you should do. Remember to pick me up after work!"

In this way, Edgar walked out mindlessly.

In terms of Leo's words outside the door, He didn't hear it, either.

He didn't come to his senses until he got in the car.

What the fuck! Did his woman say yes to him? Just agreed so easily? It can't be true! Was there something fishy about it? Didn't they say that he had to go through untold difficulties to marry her? But now he felt that the game was not working!

Subconsciously, he touc

oman dressed in a black suit walked out of the door.

She came in with a stack of documents in her hands.

"Director, this is the information you want!"

With these words, she rudely put the pile of documents on the desk, her mouth full of disdain.

Yes, it was quite scornful. She always believed that the reason why Lena was qualified for the position of director was totally because she slept with Spencer. Everybody knew that she had a bad reputation in foreign countries and was such a bitch who raised a group of gigolos. How shameless she was!

Crystal raised her head and took a glance at the woman in front of her. "What's your name?" he asked

"Me? My name is Laura. If you don't have anything important to tell me, I'll go out first. I still have some work to do. "

She looked at Crystal with a disdainful face, as if to say, "Don't bother me if you don't have anything important to say. I'm very busy, and can't compare with you. I'm working!

Crystal took a cold glance at the woman called Laura with interest.

She smiled, "Laura, you are so talented!"

Laura didn't understand what happened, but she felt that it was a praise for her! She should not be so confident about her talent! Everyone knew that she was the only overseas returnee in this company. She was so arrogant.

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