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   Chapter 220 Acquisition Of The Mu Group!

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At the moment, Spencer felt that he would really be infuriated to death by talking with Edgar like that.

He took a deep breath and looked into Edgar's eyes. "Go ahead. What on earth do you want?"

Edgar replied, "It's efficient to talk with a smart person! "

He then glanced at Spencer and said coldly, "one billion! Let me purchase your company! "

Spencer was astonished. "You... What did you say? One billion! To purchase the Mu group? "

He thought he had heard it wrong, so he asked again, "haven't you said to me that you are not interested in my company? How are you? "

Edgar stood up. He put his hands in his pockets and said leisurely, "yes, I look down upon your company, but I have no reason not to acquire the Mu group."

Looking at him fiercely, Spencer said, "Edgar, don't tell me that what the fuck you are doing here today is all because of Crystal?"

He really couldn't figure out why Edgar wanted to acquire his company, unless... for the sake of Crystal.

He knew clearly about the story between Crystal and Edgar. He also knew that the latter was still in love with Crystal.

Over the past three years, Spencer had clearly understood the feelings between the two of them. If it hadn't been for Mia and him who had been trying to sow discord between them, he had believed that maybe Crystal and Edgar were still together. But he hadn't felt he was wrong at all for what he had done. Until now, he still felt that Edgar wasn't suitable for Crystal.

Hearing that, Edgar nodded, looking like a ruffian. He said, "Yeah, you're right. My reason is very simple. Let me be the boss of Crystal."

So that he could see Crystal every day.

Edgar thought this was the best solution he had come up with these days.

He knew that Crystal would never leave the Mu group and work in the Luo group.

In that case, he had to make the Mu group his and be the chairman, so that he could see Crystal all the time.

Grasping Edgar's collar fiercely, Spencer yelled, "damn you, Edgar! Don't go too far! Do you really think that I am

he and Edward were home. The fire had strongest effect in his room. He knew that someone had wanted him to die, and his brother Edward had been drunk and ran into the wrong room. As a result, Edward had died in the fire.

But he survived.

Since then, he had been hated by his father's family. They thought It was because of him that they had lost Charlie.

At that time, he knew that Charlie was the only one who wanted him to die in the Mu family. After all, only he died, Charlie could be the only son in the family. But for so many years, he still couldn't understand why Charlie had been drunk and run into his room

and who set that fire?

He had always thought that it was Charlie, but such an assumption was not true. If Charlie set the fire, then why did Charlie die in the fire rather than he?

That had been the reason why Spencer had looked for Charlie over the years. He didn't believe that Charlie was dead.

But now he had known the answer.

The Mu family had already broken the law. It was not surprising that the Mu family would be put into prison at that time. The only way to get rid of it was to disappear in this world, so that he can live alone without going to jail.

But what was out of Edward's expectation was that after the fire, the commander had found out everything. And the Mu family has restored their reputation since then.

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