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   Chapter 219 Can We Have a Talk Simply

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Sitting on the sofa lazily, Edgar said flatly, "Mr. Spencer, I presume that you won't refuse me even I came here abruptly, will you?"

At that moment, Crystal left with Celine in silence.

Casually, Edgar glanced at Crystal. God knew how much he wanted to catch up with her, hold her in his arms and ask her why she had been avoiding him for the past few days.

Yes, after he came back from the hospital, he hadn't seen Crystal any more. Nobody knew how much he wanted to see her. He thought maybe Crystal would show up in Sorrow. However, she had never been there once. All the work there was handled by Toby. And she leisurely went back to the Mu's group to work. She must have been avoiding him.

At the same time, Spencer asked his assistant to serve a cup of tea for Edgar. He came over and sat in front of him. "Mr. Edgar, what brings you here?"

Spencer sounded very polite. He and Edgar had become strangers three years ago.

"Nothing," Edgar answered flatly. "I was just going out to walk the dog, and I happened to drop by."

What Edgar said made the man behind him speechless. He came here to find his girl, but he refused to admit it!

Taking a sip of water, spark was so surprised that he almost spat it out. How come he hadn't discovered that Edgar was such a shameless villain in the past few years! Shit! Can we just have a talk simply!

Spencer stood up and said, "since Mr. Edgar is so idle, there is a lawn down there. You can take your pet to play there. I have a meeting later! It's up to you. Bye. "

However, Edgar still didn't move. He just said indifferently, "that's too dirty. It's much cleaner here!"


He picked up the phone quickly and said, "Hey, what are those securit

oup who tried their best to threaten him to abdicate and let Charlie be the CEO to handle the crisis.

Spencer glared at Edgar and asked, "you've done a lot, haven't you? "

"Do you think I'll take your small company seriously! What do I need for a half paralyzed company? "

Edgar said aggressively, but his words were full of sarcasm for Spencer.

However, it had to be admitted that Edgar was right. In order to get rid of the suspicion of tax evasion, Spencer had spent a lot of financial resources to suppress it. However, even so, it had a certain impact on Mu's group.

In the past three years, Edgar's company had become the most capable listed company under the leadership of Edgar. Subsequently, the group had acquired several famous companies in the city.

He didn't know how Edgar made it possible for him to do that. All the companies that cooperated with them had all terminated their cooperation, and all of them came to the Edgar's group.

In this way, his company had become the leader in business field.

The stock price of his group also went up a lot.

Therefore, Edgar was qualified to be arrogant and aggressive.

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