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   Chapter 217 You Are Tough!

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Gritting his teeth, Spencer touched the wound on his neck by accident and took a deep breath. Fortunately, nothing had happened to his neck, or he was really... Miserable today.

And Celine was shocked by her action. She scratched her head and said, "I'm so sorry, lady. I thought you have left! But girl, listen to me, that guy named Mr. Spencer is really a bad guy. I advise you stay away from him as soon as possible! "

Spencer almost reached the edge of outrage. He rubbed his aching shoulder. He gritted his teeth and said, "Celine, what nonsense are you talking about"

Before Spencer finished his words, Crystal stood up abruptly and glanced at Celine with a smile. "Miss Celine, I think you have misunderstood. Mr. Spencer and I are just superior and subordinate relationship. "

She didn't want to get Crystal involved in it. For now, she couldn't recognize her best friend. Her hands were dirty, and she didn't want Celine to be hurt. Moreover, she was worried about Celine. Celine was a simple girl, and it was a bad idea for her to know Spencer.

Crystal kept thinking in her mind. Suddenly, an idea came to her.

She walked up to Celine and put her hand on her shoulder. "Miss Celine, do you have a job now?" she asked with a smile

To be honest, Celine really didn't like such a charming face because when she was abroad, she had seen a lot of people who used their beautiful faces to struggle for fame and money.

In the beginning, when she saw Crystal for the first time, she really thought the woman in front of her was not a good person. But when Crystal was close to her.

All of a sudden, she felt a sense of strangely familiar, especially the movement of Crystal. It was so familiar that she had an illusion that it wa


"Well, I'm so looking forward to such a great opportunity for work!"

Crystal nodded. "Okay, let our boss go. Be careful that he won't pay you!"

Celine was speechless, ""

Well, she really forgot that the man in front of her was the president of the Mu's group.

So she immediately took her hand back and said with an apologetic smile, "well, boss, i... I didn't mean to do it. I just think... Boss's ears are so beautiful. I'm so happy that I touched them. Please don't mind! ha-ha! "


Spencer was speechless:"

As he rubbed his ears, and gritted his teeth. "You... You... You are crazy..."

At the moment, Spencer was thinking, ' How fucking savage she is!'!

However, Crystal's following words made Spencer even more embarrased.

She patted her own clothes and said coldly, "it doesn't matter, Celine, Although he is the boss, your salary is paid by me. You can rest assured that he will not remember it so clearly when he go out. Am i right? Mr. Spencer? Shit

Celine giggled and came up to Crystal, then she gave a thumb to her, "Miss, you're so tough, well, with your courage, I'll work for you forever"

'how carefree she is!'!

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