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   Chapter 214 I Said I Loved You, Do You Believe It

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Before Crystal could finish her words, Suddenly, Spencer slapped her hand away and gracefully turned around. He came to the sofa and sat down. Then he took the teapot on the table and poured two cups of tea. He gracefully picked up his tea cup and took a sip.

He lazily leaned against the sofa.

Then she said slowly, "Crystal, do you really think I am the mastermind of all this? If I really have such a great ability, do you think I should still be in such a situation? "

Crystal looked at him with a confused look on her face. She didn't say anything, nor did she see anything from Spencer's face.

Then she said, "what do you want to say? You want to say it was not you who took advantage of me three years ago? Or you didn't take part in my life three years ago, which made my life in the bottom of the abyss? "

Spencer raised his heads and looked in to Crystal's eyes, "Yes, I admit that the crisis of Hengli Group was caused by me. Do you know why Edgar's assistant replaced him so quickly

At this time, Crystal came over slowly and sat on the sofa opposite to him. She reached out her hand, picked up another cup of tea, took a sip, and put it down. "Because his assistant works for you? "

With a flicker of surprise in his eyes, Spencer answered, "yes, you're right. His assistant is indeed mine."

All of a sudden, Crystal recalled the words she heard in the banquet in the Mu family.

She smiled, "It was you who met Zoe in the bathroom in the Party held in the Mu family. Am I right?

Spencer nodded and said, "yes, it's me. Zoe was my last move. I thought I could make use of her and get more Edgar's plans. But Crystal, you know what? I thought I could control everything, but it turned out that I was wrong. It turned out that Edgar knew everything, including that Zoe was on my side.

In front of him, I'm just like a clown who has jumped off the building. I've acted in front of him for so many years, and he knows all of it. But even so, he could still take me as his brother for so many years as if nothing had happened. In this case, who's the player, he or I? "

After s

ove at first sight? I fell in love with you when you were lying in a pool of blood and looked at me with your clear eyes. Do you believe it? "

Then, with a self mockery smile, Spencer said, "I didn't believe that I would fall in love with you. But since the day I saved you, I found out that I was hopelessly in love with you. I have kept your every move, every look and every smile in my mind, But I know that you can't have me in your heart and you won't. Others may not know, but I clearly know that. In fact, your heart has always been filled with Edgar. I have never told you that during the month when you are in a coma, you were always calling a person's name. That person is none other than Edgar. "

Crystal cast a cold glance at him and said nothing. Then she looked at the teacup on the table. The tea water was getting cold, and the tea leaves floating on the table had fallen to the bottom. Crystal just looked at it as if she was absorbed in it.

It seemed that she didn't hear what Spencer had just said.

But Spencer didn't pay much attention to that. He glanced at Crystal and continued, "Crystal actually, I..."

Crystal raised her head abruptly and interrupted him, "you talked nonsense. So, something about my real identity..."

Spencer was confused. "Your real identity?"

Seeing the confusion on Spencer's face, Crystal felt he was telling the truth. Then here came the question.

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