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   Chapter 213 Enough!

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Seeing his hand had been put down feebly, Crystal shed a tear for him. "Take care, I hope you can find Megan to reunite with her in another world!"

At this time, Edgar walked in silently. He did not feel surprised when he saw that Brent had died on the bed. He walked forward and patted Crystal.

He comforted, "don't be sad. You did nothing wrong!"

Without answering him, Crystal said directly, "Can I lean on your shoulder for a while? I'm a little tired!"

Without waiting for her to finish her words, Edgar strode forward and held her in his arms. "Okay. "

He only said one word "Okay" and then stopped. He knew that if he said too much at the moment, she would feel more heartbroken and disappointed. He knew very well about her. She was not weak, but kind inside.

In the ward, Crystal nestled in the arms of Edgar, while the corpse in front of them was already cold. Such a scene looked somewhat weird, but nobody dared to break it.

Edgar didn't close the door as he walked in.

Outside the door, Leo and his men had turned their breathing to the lowest as they were afraid that such a sudden movement would break the silence.

In fact, they were extremely excited, 'shit! Their boss finally did it! Damn! They also want a girl to be with!

In the afternoon, Crystal asked her people to send Brent's ashes back to her hometown. At the same time, she returned to the city with Edgar as soon as possible.

They said goodbye to each other when they went back to the city. Crystal went into Sorrow firstly.

As soon as Edgar got home.

He entered the house and before he could change his shoes, he saw a little guy.

"Daddy, you're back! Great"

Hilary screamed and threw himself into his arms, acting like a spoiled child.

Holding him in his arms, Edgar touched his head and walked in. "Hey, kid. We haven't seen each other for a few days. You get heavier now!" said Ed

er has transferred part of the company's shares to him. Now he is a major shareholder, while I am just a nominal CEO, holding only three percent of the company's shares. "

Standing up from the couch, Crystal walked to the front of Spencer and sneered, "it's a pity that your brother has stolen your hard work. Don't you think you're not reconciled?"

Clenching his hands into fists, Spencer snapped, "you... Shut up!"

"Mr. Spencer is so pathetic. You've done so much, but all your effort benefits your brother... What a pity! "

With knitted eyebrows, Spencer thumped the table and shouted angrily, "Crystal. Enough! Shut up, do you hear me?"

"Wow! Where is the ambitious Mr. Spencer? Oh! Sorry, Mr. Spencer used to be indifferent to anything. "

"Crystal, that's enough. "

Standing up, she walked to the door and slammed it shut. Then she walked gracefully to Spencer and bit her lips. "Spencer, do you really think that I don't know anything? It's enough that you treat me as a fool for so many years. "

"What do you mean? "

"Are you the one who killed Uncle Scott? You set me up again and again. And do you arrange the car accident for me on the way that Edgar sent me to the hospital? Don't think you can hide anything from us. Justice has long arms. "

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