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   Chapter 212 Who Is He

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Suddenly, a sharp idea occurred to her. Crystal turned around and ran to the ward immediately.

However, Edgar stopped her and asked, "what's wrong with you?"

Coldly, she pushed him aside. With a grave expression, she said very quickly, "that... That nurse has a problem!"

In fact, Crystal felt that something was wrong with the nurse's expression. Her flying dagger was accurate because she had been working hard for a long time. She was sensitive to metal very much, especially the blades and daggers. She always smelt the smell of metal.

There was a heavy smell of metal on the nurse's body, and his hand was covered with many calluses. It didn't look like a nurse's hand, but rather like a hand holding a dagger or a baton all the year round. That was why she felt strange.

Hearing what she said, Edgar knew that the situation was serious all of a sudden. Therefore, they ran back to the ward as soon as possible.

However, when they came to the door of the ward, it couldn't be opened, but it was locked inside.

Frowning, Edgar took a cold glance at the two men who were standing straight outside the door. Then he said angrily, "Why are you standing still. Open the door for me! "

One of the men finally reacted. He turned around and kicked the door hard! The door was kicked open.

One behind the other, they ran into the ward.

When Crystal entered the room, she was stunned. She couldn't help walking.

She was shocked to see Brent lying on the bed with his eyes closed. There was a dagger in his chest. The blood spread. Edgar touched his nose and shouted at Crystal, "hurry up! Crystal! Come here! He is breathing!"

He looked around quickly and found that the window was open, so the nurse had gone.

One of Edgar's man took a look out of the window and saw a torn sheet scattered over the window. He reported respectfully, "M

That was why I kept her by my side.

At first, she didn't allow me to touch her. I didn't make her my woman until she died. She was very stubborn. Even if I beat her, she refused to let me touch her.

Until one day, a woman came to me, who looked like a dowager. But she wore a mask and didn't show her face. She gave me a large sum of money to ask me to set a fire so as to kill you and your mother! The consideration she gave me was... Money! It was me who set the fire, but later Megan found out, and she took the guilt for me. "

At this moment, she was shocked and furious. Who the hell was that? Who!

Crystal asked in a cold voice, "who is he?"

His face became bloodless. He was dying. He used his last strength and said to Crystal, "this is... the secret of your identity... You must hide... Hide it well..."

Then, he used his last strength to grab her clothes, "Ivy... Can't you... Call"

Crystal looked at him coldly and said word by word, "I know at this moment, the most hope you want is that you can have Megan standing in front of you, but unfortunately she is dead. You are never deserved to be my father, but I can call you dad for the sake of Megan. Dad."

Satisfied, Brent smiled and closed his eyes.

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