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   Chapter 210 You Really Want Me To Die, Right

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They took the elevator to the eighth floor. Several men dressed in black suits stood straightly outside a wire ICU. There was no one on the eighth floor except several cleaner.

After they got to the ward, Edgar scanned the people outside and asked, "how is he now?"

The man standing at the door answered respectfully, "he wakes up and hasn't said anything."

Later, Edgar nodded. He looked at Crystal and said, "the man inside is the one you want to meet! Go ahead! "

However, Crystal didn't move. She looked at him and asked, "what's wrong with him? Why is he here?"

Crystal knew clearly that it should be her father in the ward, no, her stepfather. She wouldn't go to see him without knowing what had happened. She knew what her stepfather's attitude towards her was. If she wanted to know something from his mouth, she must know exactly what had happened.

Edgar said, "He was sent to the psychiatric hospital and turned into a real psychopath. A few days ago, he ran out of the hospital and was chased by a group of killers. It was my men who saved him and sent him here for treatment. He is awake now, but he hasn't said a word since he woke up."

He paused for a while and added, "don't worry. He is not in danger."

Crystal said in a cold tone, "I'm not worried about him. I'm afraid that he is really crazy. In this way, I can't ask him what I want to know. I don't care about his life. When he was a child, he was the devil in my heart. I don't love him at all!"

She said calmly in a cold tone, which made Edgar feel very sorry for her. Sometimes, he even wanted to go in and strangle that bastard, but he knew that this would make Crystal feel sadder.

Originally, Edgar wanted to go in with Crystal, but Crystal shook her head. As a result, he could do nothing but wait outside. He knew that there were things she didn't want others to step in and she had to solve by herself.

Crystal pushed the door open and walked inside. It was a VVIP ward with luxurious deco

osmetic surgery, and that was why I could survive. I think you must hate me very much for my face in those days, right? You wanted to strangle me, didn't you! But I let you down. I escaped from home and I'm not dead. I'm fine. You must be very disappointed! "

Disappointed? Now Brent felt that he didn't hate her that much. He thought what he had done in the past was stupid. Looking at the aloof expression on Crystal's face, he couldn't hate her.

"How did your sister die?"

Crystal said coldly, "they all said me that my sister just fell into the water by accident. Even the police said so, but all along, I never believed that her death was an accident. In the past few years, I have been investigating. I thought she was killed by someone I loved, but later I found that it was caused by a vicious woman. I heard that she was killed and lost everything. So I will try my best to kill the murderer"

Of course, I want to avenge my sister not for you, but for the times she saved me when you beat me in my childhood. "

Crystal said calmly but her eyes were filled with anger. Even Brent sitting on the bed trembled with fear.

Ivy was no longer the childish and naive girl she used to be. Now she was as cold as ice.

Brent was amazed. What has changed this woman so much.

Of course, no one gave him an answer.

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