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   Chapter 202 A Group Of Idiots!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6688

Updated: 2020-02-23 00:34

"Tell me, where is she?"

Toby recognized the voice immediately! But now he was not as nervous as before.

Edgar wore a black windbreaker, a pair of slender jeans and a pair of black leather boots. He looked dignified, dignified and cold.

He wore a serious face with a trace of fatigue in his dark eyes.

The shop owner was so frightened that he hid in the corner, his body trembling. He had planned to call the police, but his hands were so trembling that he failed to hold the phone firmly. It fell to the ground and was soon picked up.

"Did you want to call the police?"

Leo picked up the phone and handed it to him like a gentleman did.

The shop owner said, "I... I didn't!"

After taking a glance at him, Leo took out a stack of money from his wallet and threw it in front of the shop owner. "Shut up. You can rest assured that we are not lawbreakers and no one's life will be killed!"

The manager looked simple and honest. He immediately nodded and said, "Okay, okay, I get it! Who would not like money, especially a businessman like him. He would be happy if someone told him to shut up with so much money!

Mark was sweating on the back. The man behind Toby made him a little timid. Although he was good at fighting, his only weakness was that he was very timid. Otherwise, he would not be willing to work as an accountant for Sorrow.

Besides, Mark knew clearly what the saying that a fist was no match for four men meant. The people who surrounded them were not only one man, but a group of compatriots. He didn't want to die at the sight of the scene that more than a dozen people were standing there!

At this time, Toby stood up. He did not turn around, and the person behind him also did not allow him to turn around. The sharp dagger was still hung on his neck.

"Ms. Crystal told us to wait for her here!"

Edgar smiled coldly, "Cut the crap. If you don't want to live here, tell me where she is."

Edgar ordered in a cold voice.

But only he

ily if there is any strange face in the village recently."

Toby opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but Edgar didn't give him a chance.

Edgar said, "you came with Crystal. You have stayed here for one day. They won't doubt your identity as tourists. As for what you are going to say, I don't think you are so foolish that need me to tell you.", Toby nodded and replied, "I understand! I'll do it right away! "

He had to admit that Edgar was very powerful and aggressive, which was beyond the common people's imagination. Even Toby also thought that such a man as Edgar must have been an emperor with great wisdom and wisdom if he was in ancient times.

Then, Toby dragged the muddled Mark down the mountain.

At the same time, Edgar took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of his wife. However, it could not be connected. He grasped the phone tightly and said, "Damn it! Two days had passed, but she still didn't answer the phone. Crystal, you must be fine!

In the past three days, Edgar had been calling her. He wanted to tell her that she should not go back to her hometown and that she had better wait for him to come with her, but when she got through to him on the phone, she said to Edgar coldly, "don't come to me. I don't want you to get involved in my business!"! Then she hang up the phone.

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